Doubling Down with the Derricos Season 1 showed how the Derrico family dealt with Dawsyn Derrico’s heart surgery. Here’s a look at how the baby has been doing in 2021!

Season 1 of the show had Karen Derrico worried about her newborn. Throughout the season, viewers got to see how the family struggled as Dawsyn underwent numerous surgeries. As the season came to an end, fans were happy to know that Dawsyn would not have to undergo another surgery.

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Here’s Dawsyn Derrico’s 2021 update

Even though the show ended, the Derricos did not shy away from sharing pictures of their family on their social media. You would be happy to know that Dawsyn is doing well.

On May 21, Deon Derrico had shared a picture of Dawsyn with her sister De’Aren. His caption read: “Dawsyn, and De’Aren these two babies right here gets into everything and we remain cognizant as to how blessed we are that they are healthy and living a normal toddler life, as GOD knows the Dr’s told us otherwise but GOD knew all the while our baby girl would make it through without any problems thank you JESUS!!!”

In April, Deon had also thanked all his fans for sending their prayers and wishes for Dawsyn’s recovery. He wrote: “Our little Awesome Dawsyn, wants the world to know she sends love and thanks to all of you for the thousands of well wishes and prayers…. we can’t believe the overwhelming amount of love that this beautiful world has shown our family specifically Dawsyn!!”

What had happened to Dawsyn Derrico?

Karen and Deon had found out that their baby daughter Dawsyn needed to have open heart surgery because she had a hole in her heart. Karen further explained on the show that Dawsyn had ventricular septal defect (VSD).

Due to this, Dawsyn had to undergo two heart surgeries. In the first surgery, a stent was temporarily placed, Following this, she underwent another surgery during which the hole was repaired.

Even though the surgery was a success, there were moments when Karen felt fearful of Dawsyn’s health. She was concerned about having other complications due to the surgery. Luckily, things were back to normal soon and Dawsyn has been doing well.

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