Bride and Prejudice has soon to be wed couples facing all kinds of obstacles.

For our first couple, it’s a case of mind the (age) gap!

That’s right, Dee (24) and fiancé John (59), a Conservative councillor, were the first of our six couples planning to marry.

If it can work for Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford, or Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, then surely it can work for people who work in local government? Although, as John points out, he’s not exactly the wealthy kind of older man.

They’ll just have to marry for love.

Not all of Dee’s family disapprove of her marrying a man 35 years her senior. Her mum is completely on board, but her grandad Paul is struggling with the reality that his granddaughter’s husband-t0-be is just eight years younger than him.

Dee and John met through political volunteering, and their friends-to-lovers story took even John himself by surprise. They’re not blind to how their relationship looks to others, but Paul, in particular, is struggling with what it means for Dee’s chance to have children of her own.

The brief meetings between John and grandad Paul haven’t gone well, leaving Dee to worry she won’t have his blessing for her big day.

It takes a plea from Dee to Paul, to stand in for her late father, to get him to reconsider.

But would he go so far as to make a speech in front of all the guests, approving of their union?

As we reach our first wedding of the series, the pressure is on. Everyone is in tears at how beautiful Dee looks in her dress, but will that be enough to sway her grandad into giving his blessing?

In the end, it’s enough to overcome the prejudice about John’s age.

Paul makes the traditional toast, and afterwards, both men agree that Dee is the best of the three of them, which makes for a real get your hankies out moment.

Watch out for our posts on the other five Bride and Prejudice couples trying to make it to ‘I do’!