Did Matt and Shelly get married on 'Return to Amish'?

‘Return to Amish’ is coming back with Season 6 on March 22. Amid this, fans have been wondering what happened to Matt and Shelly from the previous season. Did they get married?

The upcoming season of ‘Return To Amish’ hinted some big changes are about to take place. The show is coming back after two years, and there is no doubt, people want to know what the members have been doing. Unfortunately, not everyone from the previous season will be coming back.

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Did Matt and Shelly get married?

The season finale of the show ended with Shelly and Matt getting married. Unfortunately, after the show came to an end, there was no update on Matt and Shelly’s relationship.

The duo has kept away from social media, and unless TLC does a ‘where are they now’ episode, it seems highly unlikely to find out where the couple stands now.

When the season finale aired, Matt admitted that he was not legally divorced. It is unclear if Matt finally managed to legally separate from his ex-wife. Even though Matt and Shelly seemed happy about their marriage, their marriage would’nt be considered legal if he does not go through with the divorce.

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Who is coming back for season 6 of the show?

Season 6 will see Jeremiah and his wife Carmella coming back on the show. Meanwhile, Jethro and Sabrina will also be back for another season. The latest season will deal with Sabrina’s pregnancy as the family prepares to welcome baby no. 4.

This season will also see some new faces as Rosanna and Maureen will be joining the cast members. Viewers will get to see these girls living a new life as they make the big decision of leaving their Amish community behind.

The trailer shows how excited Rosanna and Maureen are about discovering life outside the community. At the same time, they learn new things, form new friendships, and think of a path for themselves.

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Abe will not be coming back for the new season. The duo had left the show in season 5 as they wanted to live a normal life. Even though they decided to leave the show, they wished the rest of the cast members good luck.

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