Who remembers the sweet 9-year-old girl, Yaelle from Dr Pimple Popper? Yaelle was featured on Season 5 during the episode entitled, Cyster Cyster and quickly captivated fans’ attention with her bubbly and charismatic personality. Unfortunately, she suffered from a serious case of psoriasis that covered her entire body and she went on the show in hope that Sandra Lee could help her.

The epic episode contained many bizarre situations including the twin sisters that both had cysts, however, Yaelle was the stand out star of the show and fans want to know what happened to her and if she managed to get her psoriasis sorted. Keep reading to find out!

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Lucy and Desi | Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

Lucy and Desi | Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video
Yaelle. Picture: Dr Pimple Popper, Season 5 Ep 6

Yaelle suffered from psoriasis from a young age

Yaelle is from a town called Hotchkiss in Colorado and at just nine years old she had suffered from extreme psoriasis all the way from her arms, neck, legs and head from a very young age and her condition was so bad that she said the skin often clogged up her ears.

The little girl had suffered from the condition since she was a baby, however, it started off only around her eyes and belly button but when she was nine it quickly flared up across her entire body.

Heartbreakingly, Yaelle opened up about how embarrassed she was by her condition and how she would style her hair specifically to try and cover it on her face. Her mom had tried to get her medications and steroids but none of them worked and only seemed to make it worse, so they finally decided to see Dr Lee in hopes of a miracle.

They drove all the way from Colorado to California to see the pimple popper and it’s safe to say it was worth the trip.

Yaelle. Picture: Dr Pimple Popper, Season 5 Ep 6

Dr Lee was able to treat Yaelle

During the consultation, Lee described the many treatment options that were available for Yaelle’s condition but explained how most are too intense and dangerous.

However, we all know how amazing Dr Lee is and she obviously had a plan. The family had only been used to more “old-fashioned” treatment methods but Lee was here to introduce them to some new ones.

Dr Lee explained an amazing new medication that was only required to be taken once every three months by injection and said the results are usually spectacular. Yaelle was quick to jump at the opportunity and was very brave while receiving the injection.

At the end of the episode, we got to see Yaelle a few months later and fans were gobsmacked. The transformation was incredible and her psoriasis was almost cleared. Yaelle was over the moon and said she finally “felt like me again.”

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Yaelle. Picture: Dr Pimple Popper, Season 5 Ep 6
Yaelle. Picture: Dr Pimple Popper, Season 5 Ep 6

Her family’s off-grid lifestyle affected her condition

During the episode we heard the pain Yaelle’s mother was going through from having to see her daughter suffer so much, she opened up about the family’s Jewish religion and how they strive to live a self-sustaining, off-grid lifestyle.

The only issue with this was that the mom said it affected her daughter due to them being so far away from most towns it was hard for them to get doctors out and treat her psoriasis.

The family grow their own food and products and Yaelle was clear about how much she loves the outdoors – so we are over the moon that she can finally enjoy it to its fullest!



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