Episode - Choose Your Story game: 5 easy tips to get passes and gems!

Episode – Choose Your Story was released in 2014 by Pocket Gems.

With a massive 35,000 stories to choose from, players are unlikely to get bored of playing Episode.

Some stories are preloaded, some are themed like Demi Lovato: Path to Fame, Pretty Little Liars, Clueless and Mean Girls and some are made by other players.

Once you’ve chosen your story and created your perfect avatar, it’s time to get playing!

But anyone who’s played the game will know the frustration of wanting to make a choice but not having enough gems.

Here are five easy tips to get passes and gems on Episode!

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Tip – Have patience

The key to levelling up in Episode is to wait it out.

If you don’t want to splurge on gems and passes, that is.

You have to wait four hours for the game to recharge and you’ll get three free passes.

Episode game cheats 2018 Screen Shot: Episode Game -Pocket Gems

Tip – Move on

Move on to move up!

Episode – Choose Your Story has so many different stories on offer.

If you play a new story (or a story with new chapters) you’ll get one free pass for getting started.


Episode game cheats 2018 Screen Shot: Episode Game – Pocket Gems

Tip – Give feedback

According to episodetricks.org, you can get three free passes just by rating and leaving a review of Episode when prompted on the Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Now it might take you a few minutes but it can’t do any harm!

Screen Shot: Episode Game – Pocket Gems

Tip – Get smart

To move onwards and upwards in Episode you have to take advantage of the daily challenges!

Episode has gained a rating 4.6/5 on iTunes for a reason and that’s why you just can’t stop playing.

Remember: Challenges = free passes.

Screen Shot: Episode Game – Pocket Gems

Tip – Be strategic

The final tip is to choose stories which offer more rewards.

Certain episodes instantly increase your amount of gems and passes.

You should play the ones which denote this first rather than ones that don’t!

Screen Shot: Episode Game – Pocket Gems Episode game cheats 2018




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