The first season of Channel 5’s Undercover Girlfriends has returned to take us back to the drama that broke out in 2018.

Viewers can see spying girlfriends watch their boyfriends go on a ‘lad’s holiday’ to Marbella, which is actually their lasses watching them to see what they get up to.

The 2018 season has now returned to MTV after a popular run last year, and *spoiler alert*, only one couple has remained together two years on.

Who is the couple that survived as a pair since the show? We spoke to Claudia Burns to get the lowdown on hers and Lawrence’s relationship!

claudia and lawrence undercover girlfriends
Screenshot: Claudia and Lawrence,, Undercover Girlfriends Season 1 Episode 4, Channel 5

Which couple has stayed together since the show?

You guessed it, it’s Claudia Burns, 29, and Lawrence Arbery (known as Loz), 26. The Southampton couple stuck to their guns and have made it to 2020 – and they are still living together.

They are the only pair from the 2018 show who are still happily loved up, despite former couple Erica and Craig who were still engaged before the pandemic.

But Claudia revealed that she met the couple before the coronavirus lockdown and said they “seemed fine”. But then in her group chat with the other Undercover Girlfriends girls, Erica said she “had to get rid of him”. However she never gave away what happened between them.

We are literally the only couple left. I don’t really want to see myself with anyone else. We’ve managed to come through and we’re still fine.

claudia and loz undercover girlfriends
Claudia and Lawrence in 2020

Claudia and Loz: Undercover Girlfriends

After spying on him for days and even dressing up in a fluffy costume disguise, Claudia surprised him while he fell asleep at an outside table (heavy night, Loz?).

They shared their romantic woes with each other and discussed their main relationship issue – that Claudia does not want to have a child in the future.

Loz was seen telling the other lads that he thought he could change her mind, but Claudia told him she wouldn’t. During her interview with Reality Titbit, she confirmed her stance on pregnancy remains the same.

Nothing’s changed, I’m still the one that doesn’t want to have kids. Loz was always the fence-sitter, but he’s more on my side than the other side. I knew this when I was very young, I just don’t think I’ve got the maternal motherhood.

What are Claudia and Loz up to now?

Claudia is continuing her career as a mental health nurse while Loz has just passed his botox and filler courses.

They also starred as actors in Channel 5’s Good Girls Guide to Kinky Sex last November, where they showed the nation how to use sex toys.

Inside gossip though – Claudia said it was fake and that her and Loz “weren’t wearing a lot of clothes in that one”.

They were living together in shared accommodation so they could save money for a home, but are currently moving into a new place. Exciting times!

claudia and lawrence undercover girlfriends
Claudia and Lawrence



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