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EXCLUSIVE: RHOCheshire's Nicole Sealey opens up about "new dynamic" of the show ahead of latest season

As we await the thirteenth season of The Real Housewives of Cheshire, Reality Titbit spoke exclusively to one of the newest – and most popular – leading ladies of the show, entrepreneur and mom of three, Nicole Sealey.

Sealey opened up about her life as a businesswoman and the struggles she has faced with social media since coming into the limelight. However, she also discussed some pretty exciting and exclusive details about the new upcoming season, including a fresh new housewife, the changes in confessionals, more drama and the exclusive end of season one-off special. I know, sounds good right?

Check out all the details below.

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The Bachelorette | Season Premiere

The Bachelorette | Season Premiere
Photo by Anthony Devlin/Getty Images for The National Lottery

Nicole Sealey discusses the exciting changes ahead of season 12

During the exclusive interview, the 49-year-old discussed the new changes happening in season 13 of RHOC and started by mentioning how she didn’t actually plan on coming back for this season due to her hectic lifestyle.

Sealey is an incredibly hard worker and she said she “likes to give everything 100%” and if she can’t do that, she would rather not do it at all. However, the reality star is also filming for a new ITV show on menopause and they mentioned that they were only filming housewives, therefore she signed the contract to be featured for one more year.

Nicole revealed some exclusive details about the up and coming season which is set to be released around early September 2022. We can expect to see a new housewife join the ladies, Nicole couldn’t tell us much but she did reveal that there would be some “very interesting scenarios.”

The reality star also revealed that this season there is also going to be a “one-off special” set to be released after the season that should be full of drama. When discussing filming so far, Nicole revealed it had all been going well, however, she went on to say “there will definitely be some arguments with us, as always.”

The confessionals are also set to be different this year, with the mother revealing that production had left the cameras rolling practically the entire season, and the women are “much more un-filtered” this season with production having consent to use whatever footage and information they want.

Nicole’s struggles with confidence before the show

Many people find rising to fame a struggle on their mental health as it sadly often comes hand in hand with being trolled and hated on. However, Sealey says her journey through RHOC has been different and the show has actually helped her in terms of her confidence.

During the exclusive interview she opened up about how before the show, she couldn’t bear to have her photos taken and her children even used to complain that if she died they wouldn’t have any pictures to remember her by. However, since being on the show she has gotten much more used to looking at herself and being comfortable within herself.

Her mother said that she “loved that Nicole is doing the housewives as she finally has pictures of her daughter.” Nicole mentioned that the show had forced her to get out there and find security within her appearance.

Nicole opened up about the first time she saw herself on TV stating that she “hated it”, she explained:

I remember being sat outside the living room on the floor peeping my head in to watch the screen and I couldn’t bare it!

Nicole Sealey

The show has helped her find comfort within herself and even said it helped in terms of her accepting her ageing too. Nicole has been lucky in terms of social media and fortunately hasn’t faced much trolling compared to some of the other housewives and said:

You’ve got to think to yourself if someone is taking the time out to say something that means to you, it’s definitely more about them than you.

Nicole Sealey

Sealey has been open about her surgery and cosmetic procedures and has had them done simply for herself saying “if it makes you feel good, do it!” The mother of three has had filler, botox and a nose job – after she broke it three times.

Nicole is a businesswoman, mother, wife and reality TV star

Nicole is an incredibly inspirational woman with an outstanding work ethic which she has owned most of her life. The star opened up to Reality Titbit and said she never planned on being rich and successful but her hard work made it happen. The star fell into the business world when she began working in recruitment and realised she was a natural at talking and selling.

Sealey now owns a successful railway business as one of her main career endeavours, however, this wasn’t easy for the reality TV star as she said how hard it was being a woman in a predominantly male industry. Nicole said:

People never used to take me seriously as a woman, they would see the makeup and the hair and wouldn’t take me seriously.

This doesn’t stop her from working hard to break that mould however and she quickly gained respect in the industry and now says that it has also been a blessing as a woman in the industry as it had made her stand out.

The star also used to win a sports management company with her husband, Joe, but they sold that for a whopping £13,000,000. Nicole now spends her time running her business, looking after her three children, and being an amazing wife as well as a TV star. Now, that’s the definition of a boss!

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