Fans think they have found the meaning behind a tattoo spotted on Pete Davidson’s neck in recent pictures.

The comedian is known for getting tattoos for other people, and girlfriend Kim Kardashian has opened up about the tattoos Pete has dedicated to her since the start of their relationship.

Here is everything we know about Pete’s tattoo, including fan theories and reactions…

Fans think Pete’s new tattoo is for Kim’s kids

New pictures of Pete Davidson have gone viral as fans have speculated over the meaning of a tattoo they have spotted on his neck.

The tattoo, which is placed at the base of Pete’s neck above his collarbone, appears to read “KNSCP.”

Fans have wondered if this could be a tattoo for Kim and her children, who she shares with Kanye West.

The K could potentially stand for Kim, while the N is for North, the S for Saint, the C for Chicago, and the P for Psalm, Kim’s youngest child.

Although this theory has not been confirmed, the initials seem to make sense as they match up with the names of Kim and her children, and are in the order of oldest to youngest.

Pete’s tattoos for Kim explored

Kim appeared on The Ellen Show in March and discussed her relationship with the SNL star. She revealed that he has three tattoos dedicated to her, including one which is a branding of her name on his chest.

While fans were already aware of the name “Kim” on Pete’s chest, they only found out that it is a branding when Kim told Ellen: “So he’s like, ‘I don’t wanna be able to get rid of it, or to cover it up, and I just wanted it like there as a scar on me.'”

Kim dubbed the tattoo “so cute.”

The second tattoo Pete has for Kim is on his collar bone and reads “My girl is a lawyer.” Kim is currently in law school and has been known for her work in prison reform over the past few years.

However, Kim kept quiet about the third tattoo, and said: “He has a few tattoos. A few cute ones, you know, that he got.”

Twitter reacts to comedian’s new tattoo

Although it has not been confirmed whether or not the tattoo is for Kim and her children with Kanye West, fans have taken to Twitter to discuss the situation.

While some Twitter users were unbothered by the news, others deemed the tattoo “weird” and called out Pete. Here are some of the top reactions to Pete’s new tattoo…

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