Five Star Hotel was reality TV’s answer to The Avengers - Here’s why!
5 Star Hotel: - Ashley

Five Star Hotel was reality TV’s answer to The Avengers - Here’s why!

Thor, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and that guy with a bow.

Yeah, the new Avengers film looks pretty sick.

Just like this upcoming movie mash-up of iconic superheroes, reality TV has found similar success through a crossover of characters.

Okay, so Joey Essex has rarely been described as a legendary and celestial role model.

However, his Five Star Hotel crew may have made a bigger impact on the TV industry than five guys in spandex ever could.

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Five Star Hotel hauled in the ratings during its first-ever season in March.

Despite a tricky looking 10 pm slot on E4, airing daily against shows such as Gogglebox and Celebrity Bake Off, the celeb-packed series did more than enough to merit a second crack of the whip.

Why? Because it was basically The Avengers.

The TV series’ success was built on its cocktail of clashing and varying reality TV personalities.

From The Only Way is Essex, viewers welcomed Joey Essex and Lydia Bright, as the ‘oh shut up’ pair hilariously clicked with Made in Chelsea golden-boy Spencer Matthews.

Who saw that coming.

Chuck Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan into the mix alongside a couple of MTV Ex on The Beach stars and the friendships that blossomed was hugely entertaining.

If Reality TV Stars Were Superheroes

Who would form the ultimate reality TV team?

Which celebs could slot into the role of a superhero?

Surely, a TV show with these five stars would save the world…

Gemma Collins – Hulk

Hulk SMASH.”

Gemma Collins: Celebs Go Dating – Loud, incredibly temperamental and virtually impossible to stop when at max rage.

Spencer Matthews – Bruce Wayne

And I bought most of the shares – through various charitable foundations, and trusts, and so forth.”

Spencer Matthews: 5 Star Hotel – Rich, privileged and enjoys telling others about his charitable exploits.

Stanley Johnson – Captain America

“I’ve been frozen for 70 years.”

Stanley Johnson: Made in Chelsea – Proof that chivalry isn’t dead.

Olivia Hughes – Wolverine

“You can’t nurture rage.”

Olivia Hughes: Crackin’ On – Volatile and explosive. Could actually have blades that retract from her fists.

Joey Essex – Spiderman

 “He wears spandex to rescue kittens from trees.”

Joey Essex: Five Star Hotel – Cute, child-like and the baby of the team. Probably wears Spiderman pyjamas to bed.

Unlike series such as Celebrity Big Brother, where reality TV personalities are plucked from producer shortlists in hope that they violently clash, the team behind Five Star Hotel carefully selected individuals with the potential to strike unlikely bonds.

Joey Essex and Spencer, for instance.

Two worlds apart in terms of style, class and vocabulary, yet they bounced off one-other in unimaginably cute fashion. They even formed one of the cutest crossover reality TV bromances in history.

Future reality TV shows are likely to look at the Five Star Hotel model and attempt to replicate its success.

We’ve had plenty of backlog stories and dramas following each character’s individual reality TV series.

Now, we are ready for an Avengers-style blockbuster, combing the U.K’s biggest and best reality TV personalities.

And maybe a guy with a bow…

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