Football Manager 2019 mobile CHEATS - Transfer budget, players and more!

Now you’ve splashed out £8.99 on the latest Football Manager 2019 mobile game, you’re probably reluctant to bleed the transfer kitty completely dry.

Whether you’ve started your career at the helm of Manchester City or Bolton Wanderers, who doesn’t want some extra cash for players.

Here are some of the best cheats available for the Football Manager 2019 mobile game.

Screen Shot – Football Manager 2019 mobile game

TIP: Adjust Your Budget – Dummy!

While this is far from a cheat, it is an aspect of the mobile game that not all FM players may be familiar with. Especially the newbies!

Navigate to your finance section on the left of the screen.

Select ‘Adjust Budgets’ at the bottom. Here, you can control how much of your club’s finance is split between player wages and transfers.

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Now, you can increase your transfer budget to purchase new and upcoming youngsters who are on lower wages.

Or, you can fork out on the golden oldies who won’t cost much of a transfer fee but will demand high wages. The budget is flexible!

CHEAT: Download Someone Else’s Save!

There are games out there where budgets have been totally maxed out – probably some computer nerds playing with the data somehow.

Just follow the links below and download the saved file. Upload and play!

  • 123 billion transfer budget with Leicester City – here.
  • 600 billion transfer budget with Juventus – here.

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HACK: Multiple Sugar Daddies

By heading to the settings on your Football Manager 2019 mobile game you can access the ‘Unlockables’ section and switch on the Sugar Daddy tool.

This instantly adds a cash injection into your club.

However, there is a hack.

By continually toggling the Sugar Daddy off and on then there will multiple cash injections.

This way you can use the Sugar Daddy tool as many times as you like!



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