Discovery series Raising Wild proved an unlikely hit with audiences having aired across June and earning a growing viewership.

The first-ever series launched on June 2nd before vanishing from the Discovery TV schedule after just two episodes.

With a more than solid 8.65 average rating on IMDB across the two episodes and a good response from audiences, the disappearance of the show seemed peculiar to fans.

So, has Raising Wild been cancelled? Has there been some sort of controversy? Or will the show simply return for more episodes at a later date?

IMDB - Raising Wild

IMDB – Raising Wild

Has Raising Wild been cancelled?


Fortunately for fans, the series has not been cancelled.

In fact, the disappearance comes with the best possible news as Discovery have decided to give the series more attention and episodes following the warm reception that episodes 1 and 2 received.

The Raising Wild TV show has an Instagram account at @raisingwildtvshow. Here, they announced a statement confirming that the series has not been cancelled but will return bigger and better in early Fall.

Instagram reads:

“Our show is well-liked among decision-makers at Discovery. They are touched by the humanity and grittiness of our story and want to give it a better roll-out in the early Fall. This is good news.

We were assured that we’re not cancelled. We have found our audience. If you are able through Philo or Discovery GO or another app, I encourage you to re-watch the first two episodes.”

How to watch Raising Wild

You can recap on the first two episodes of Raising World via the Discovery media player.

Alternatively, the episodes are available on Amazon Prime, Google Play and Vudu.

Season 1 originally had seven episodes so you can expect them plus the likelihood of some more when the show rolls out again in early Fall (September 23rd-December 22nd).

Why watch Raising Fall about?

The series follows the colourful and animated Hines family who were once your typical close-knit Texas suburban.

However, head of the family Brett Hines decided to move the family completely off-grid in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

Brett is a former Army counter-intelligence officer and military contractor and he leads the family alongside his wife, Wendy, and their kids.

Together, using only skills and techniques honed by Brett in the military, the family live each day like it’s their last, looking to secure food, power and heat for survival.

The Hines offers a heart-warming and honest insight into family life that is often missed on USA reality TV. It’s completely real, completely amazing and utterly inspirational!