Who is the Headspace Guide to Sleep narrator? Soothing Netflix voice revealed!

In January 2021, Headspace released Headspace Guide to Meditation on Netflix, and now the second instalment, titled Headspace Guide to Sleep is coming to the platform.

The Headspace website reads: “Whether you struggle with racing thoughts at bedtime or have trouble sleeping through the night, our new Netflix series will help you put your mind to bed.”

Who is the Headspace Guide to Sleep narrator?

The narrator of Headspace Guide to Sleep is Evelyn Lewis Prieto.

Eve works as the Director of Meditation for Headspace, with her responsibilities including overseeing the meditation curriculum and creating processes and framework to onboard new mediation teachers.

Eve also leads many of the meditations in the app, alongside hosting regular live meditation sessions and Q&As.

On her LinkedIn page, Eve explains she began her “journey into meditation eight years ago as a stressed and anxious advertising professional.”

Eve says: “I’m personally passionate about meditation as a tool to help people lead more compassionate lives, both for themselves and for others.”

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What is Headspace Guide to Sleep on Netflix?

During the trailer to the series, which is on YouTube, the narrator reads:

“Falling asleep isn’t that easy. I’m Eve and I’m here to help. This is Headspace Guide to Sleep, in this series I’ll teach you new facts about sleep, backed by science.”

“Things you didn’t know you need to know. Like, do we really need eight hours? Is going to bed with our phones really that bad? And do those pills really work? Through mindfulness and meditation you can take on tomorrow healthier and more rested.”

The new series will be released on Netflix on April 28th 2021.

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