Hot Mess House is a new show on HGTV that premiered on June 24th.

The series features the host (Cassandra Aarssen) of the show assisting families in organizing their homes and getting trough any home challenges they may have. What a perfect show to watch when you’re stuck at home!

Since this show is taking place during quarantine almost everything within the show will be done virtually. Cassandra takes video tours of the clients’ homes and evaluates what she sees.

Afterward, Cassandra thinks of the best organizational style that works best for each client’s situation. She gives them all the advice and resources and tools they need to keep their house organized and clutter-free. Receiving help to organize our homes sounds like something so many of us need in our lives right now.

If you’re interested in possibly being a client on Hot Mess House, here is where you can find out more about the host and the application process.

Who is the host of Hot Mess House?

The host of HGTV’s new series is Cassandra Aarssen. She is an organization expert and host.

Cassandra has the skills and knowledge to provide her clients with the best advice and help possible. Not only is she able to handle the physical process of decluttering and organizing but she is also able to help her clients manage any emotional attachments they may have for the things that are cluttering their homes.

Cassandra is also the founder of Clutterbug Organizing Services in Ontario, Canada, she’s a YouTuber, and she is also an author. She created her YouTube channel in 2013 and her first video was about organizing school supplies.

She has a Clutterbug self-help podcast as well. Along with all of this Cassandra is also married with two daughters and a son.

How to apply to be on Hot Mess House

The application process to be featured on some reality television shows can be quite difficult. However, HGTV makes it a little easier for people to apply to be on the network’s shows. If you wanted to be on Hot Mess House, you have to go to and look to see if Hot Mess House is advertising for people to apply to come on the show.

If so, you then click on “more info” and follow the directions from there. Unfortunately, as of now Hot Mess House doesn’t have any listings. But in the future, if you’d like to be on the show when Hot Mess House producers are searching for potential clients this is how you do it.


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