The Graham Norton Show has been a Friday night staple for many years, however last night (Friday, May 18th) viewers were shocked to discover that Jack Whitehall had taken over Graham’s hosting duties.

Fans of Norton shouldn’t worry, however, as the comedian was only temporarily stepping in to cover Graham.

The episode followed the usual format, but just how well did Jack Whitehall do as The Graham Norton Show’s host? Here’s everything that went down.

Jack Whitehall, The Graham Norton Show
Jack Whitehall, The Graham Norton Show

Why did Jack Whitehall host The Graham Norton Show?

Viewers may have been wondering exactly what Graham was up to instead, and it turns out that the veteran host had a pretty valid excuse for skipping this week’s show.

Graham is currently in Tel Aviv, preparing for another BBC show you might have heard of known as Eurovision.

Norton serves as the Eurovision commentator for viewers in the UK and provides witty observations throughout the epic live show.

His duties overseas meant that BBC producers had to act fast to find another TV funnyman who could fill Graham’s shoes, and Jack Whitehall appeared to be the perfect fit.

Jack Whitehall, The Graham Norton Show
Jack Whitehall, The Graham Norton Show

How well did Jack Whitehall do?

Taking on this role was never going to be an easy feat for Jack, especially when considering how well-loved Graham Norton is by his loyal BBC viewers.

However, for the most part, the 30-year-old did pretty well when sitting down with guests Gwendoline Christie, Luke Evans, Peter Crouch, David Walliams, and musician Sam Fender.

There were some slightly awkward moments throughout, especially when the comedian would constantly thank everyone for allowing him to be there as if he’d won some kind of TV host competition.

But his interaction with the guests, all of whom appeared to help him through the gig, provided some genuinely funny moments, and his fangirling over Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie was perhaps the highlight.

As expected, viewer reaction to Whitehall’s hosting duty was strong, and the vast majority was actually fairly positive.

Although clearly not a patch on our beloved Graham Norton, Jack did do a good job of steadying the ship whilst the captain was away.

So, I’d say the comedian deserves a respectable 7/10 for his hosting duties. Not a bad effort at all.


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