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Farmhouse Fixer: What is Jonathan Knight's net worth? From New Kids on the Block to HGTV

Jonathan Knight has paved the way into the television industry with shows like Farmhouse Fixer. After having a successful career with New Kid On The Block band, he has managed to strive more. Here’s a look at Jonathan’s net worth.

New Kids On The Block was one of the favorite bands in the 80s and the 90s. However, the band decided to disband in 1994. Several of their fans wanted the band to come together once again, and they finally got to witness it in 2008. The band came together and released their seventh album. Now, Jonathan is focusing on his music career as well as his television career.

What is Jonathan Knight’s net worth?

Jonathan has an estimated net worth of $14 million. A large portion of his success comes from his time in the band. The band had sold 70 million albums. After the band disbanded, Jonathan decided to venture into the world of real estate.

It was a big change from his glamorous life. However, he found success in it and was even offered a chance to appear on a television show. He has even appeared on The Amazing Race in 2001. Jonathan finally got to bring his real estate knowledge to the television screen when he was offered to be a part of HGTV’s Farmhouse Fixer.

His love for old homes allowed him to buy them and transform their look completely. On the show, Jonathan also seeks help from his designer, Kristina. Both of them work together to keep the historic element of the house intact while bringing in some fresh creativeness.

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Jonathan Knight on being part of the HGTV show

Jonathan was quite excited to be a part of Farmhouse Fixer. He even opened up about it in an interview with them. He said: “Restoring the American farmhouse is not just a hobby for me—it’s my passion, my obsession, and I’ve been doing it for more than 25 years. It’s so easy to just go knock down an old house. It’s way harder to renovate them so that families can enjoy them for years to come. That’s the reason this work is so worth it.”

He further added: “I love a good old farmhouse. To me, being on a farm is a way of life. It’s the real deal. Old farmhouses are disappearing off the landscape, but these are American treasures that should be saved.”

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