The new Netflix series Mortgage or Marriage follows engaged couples who are preparing for the next stage of their lives together.

On the show, the couples, with some help from two professionals, have to choose between their dream wedding or their dream home after hearing cases from wedding planners and real estate agents.

Netflix describes the show: “A wedding planner and a real estate agent compete to win the hearts and budgets of spouses-to-be. Will they pick fairy-tale nuptials or a dream home?”

Mortgage or Marriage cast revealed

The wedding planner helping to show the couples how their special day could go is Sarah Miller.

Sarah Miller is one of the top wedding planners from Nashville, describing her services as being for people who want an “impactful, unique, and one-of-a-kind event.”

Nichole Holmes is the real estate agent who is seen on the show helping to find the best, and most suitable, homes for the couples.

According to Express, Nichole is also a former beauty pageant queen who was crowned Miss Illinois back in 1995.

Mortgage or Marriage couples revealed

There are ten episodes in the series, and each episode focuses on a new couple. The couples are:

Episode one: This episode follows Nashville couple Liz and Evan, who met at a country music concert and share a passion for country gigs.

Episode two: Denise and Nicholas take centre stage. Nicholas is a firefighter and personal trainer while Denise is a former professional cheerleader turned recruiter.

Episode three: Precious and Alex met on the football field and say that they “balance each other out”, having been together for nine years.

Episode four: This episode is all about Cindy and karla. Karla is a medical imaging technician, and Cindy is a pastor at an LGBTQ+ church.

Episode five: Scott and Brittany met at a party and Scott is in the US army. He is determined to give Brittany everything she wants.

Episode six: Episode six features Alex and Whitney. The couple have been “out and proud” for a long time and wanted a wedding to show the world their love.

Episode seven: We meet Hayley and Andrew, who are both active members of their church and host different peer groups every week.

Episode eight: Raven and Antonio have been together for eight years and are looking for somewhere to raise their two boys.

Episode nine: This episode focuses on Braxton and Emily who are currently living separately, with their parents, so are looking to buy their first home together.

Episode ten: The last couple is Sarah and Eli who describe themselves as a “little bit classy and a little bit trashy.”

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