Meet the Naked and Afraid XL Legends participants - Amber, Lacey and Rylie on Discovery!

Discovery premiered Naked and Afraid XL Legends on Sunday, April 25. Aside from Amber Hargrove and Lacey Jones, here are the other participants.

The new show is a spin-off of Discovery’s highly successful show Naked and Afraid. Season 7 of the hit spin-off is titled ‘Naked and Afraid XL: Legends.

The premiere episode introduced the show’s twelve cast members who will be left alone to survive in the wilderness for 60 days.

Ever since the show was announced, fans have been yearning to know who the cast members would be. See the full list of Naked and Afraid XL Legends participants.

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Naked and Afraid XL Legends participants

Season 7 of the show is a unique one, as it will feature 12 cast members who have already been a part of the show in the past. Hence, audiences can expect to see some expert-level survival strategies being deployed on this season, given the cast has prior experience.

Out of the lot, there are seven men and five women who will be competing against each other and facing the strangest of odds on this wild journey. Here’s the full Naked and Afraid XL season 7 cast list.

  • Amber Hargrove
  • EJ Snyder
  • Gary Golding
  • Jeff Zausch
  • Lacey Jones
  • Matt Wright
  • Max Djenohan
  • Ryan Holt
  • Rylie Parlett
  • Sarah Danser
  • Steven Lee Hall, Jr.
  • Suzanne Zeta

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The survivalists would be competing to become legends this season, hence the title.

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What to expect from the new Naked and Afraid legends season?

In this season, we will see the survivalist group deployed in the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana. The location is full of murky waters and has predators lurking all over its 7,000 acres vast land.

A report in TVshowcase, reveals that the land is overflowing with alligators, and cottonmouth snakes, besides other deadly creatures.

To be able to survive in the wild for 60 days, the Naked and Afraid cast members will have to gather and hunt every single day. The show’s previous seasons show that many contestants tend to tap out just after 21 days. Others manage to reach about 40 days before giving up.

To add to the participant’s difficulties, this season was filmed during winter. Hence, the participants will be facing some near-freezing temperatures.

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