OPINION: Are Love Island’s Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham going to win?

Predicting the Love Island winners two weeks into the show would be a kick-ass piece of psychic reading. However, Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer are already runaway leaders when it comes to the bookies. And, you know, when do gambling sites let you down.

When the Love Island rumour mill started, and Dani’s name was touted, I grudgingly turned my nose up.

Having watched the 21-year-old frolick about in the South African sun of Survival Of The Fittest, I’d decided that my dosage of Dani Mas Dyer was done for the year.

I didn’t need another wannabe celebrity in my life.

I didn’t have the threshold for a squawking ladette to lady type character.

And I certainly didn’t need any more reminding that this random brunette girl was the daughter of Danny Dyer.

I was wrong.

Dani’s appearance on Love Island series four has managed to distinguish every last preconception and stereotype I had of her.

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Touted as the ‘next Marcel’, and expected to namedrop her famous father, Dani has refused to fall into that trap.

Instead, she has been honest, humorous, playful, perceptive and bright.

It’s only in the flickers of Dani’s vocabulary – like “doing ma nut in” – that we quickly remember Danny Dyer.

Oh yeah, it’s her!

Dani’s partner, Jack Fincham, is not just a sideshow in the relationship, either.

He’s arguably the most likeable male in the pack. The type of guy you could actually see Dani’s dad saying “yeah, he’s alright actually” – and that’s saying something.

The bubbly pens salesman from Kent has been seen a shining beacon of hope for men on social media.

Not least because of his glistening bright white teeth;  he refrains from ritual morning workouts. He breaks the stereotype of men having to pump iron to impress the villa ladies.

Instead, Jack kicks back on his favourite beanbag.

With his delicious dad-bod belly prodding over his shorts, Jack has some cheeky banter with his girl, mocking all that gym malarky without having to say a word.

When was the last time a Love Island contestant made the series finale on the sole purpose of their likeability, with dashing good looks or a chiselled model body not part of the deal?

I’m happy to call this one early and to say that Dani and Jack will win Love Island 2018.

Their engagement is honest and relatable, with their first proper kiss sending tingles down the spine of hopeless romantics who enjoy the more angelic and pure love stories.

The now-famous ‘Dani and Jack kiss’ wasn’t smouldering, powerful or even that sexual. It was more child-like, playful and pure.

It was the type of smooch that many of us are more familiar with when in love, and not the kiss portrayed in everyday Hollywood blockbusters.

Of course, if Dr Alex can find himself a partner and fall desperately head over heels in love, then perhaps we will have a little competition on our hands.

But, for now, it’s that annoying girl from Survival Of The Fittest and a chubby pens salesman who are gunning for the crown – who’d have thought it!

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