Opinion: Are the Love Island recoupling speeches scripted?
Screenshot: Love Island 2019

Opinion: Are the Love Island recoupling speeches scripted?

The pause. The drama. The suspense and silence as Danny Williams delivered the recoupling speech that sent Yewande Biala packing from the Love Island villa.

It almost felt like a speech that had been created by the same guys at X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.

Oh yeah, wait a minute. All three fall under the same ITV Entertainment umbrella.

So are the Love Island recoupling speeches scripted? Are they completely fake and contestants have words force-fed into their mouths?

Screenshot: Love Island 2019

Danny’s ‘intellectual’ Love Island speech

As an example, Danny’s recoupling speech in episode 19 was arguably the most awkward and tense in the current 2019 series.

Most speeches leave more than one potential partner sweating in suspense, with the type of generic phrases that would give any fortune teller a run for their money.

In particular, social media blew up over Danny’s speech after he led by saying that the person he wanted to couple up with was “very intelligent”, which immediately pointed viewers (and the camera) at Yewande.

Danny said:

I want to couple up with this girl because she’s very intelligent. I think we’ve connected on an intellectual level and, obviously, I think she’s absolutely stunning. I think she brings something to the villa that no-one else does. I think she has great character, is genuine and I can’t wait to see where things go.

Are the Love Island recoupling speeches fake?

They’re not going to be 100% fake but they’re definitely practised, scripted and potentially influenced by producers.

Sit down and listen closely to any of the Love Island scripts over the years; you’ll hear no stuttering, umming and ahing or natrual delays in speech pattern.

Listen to anyone in the villa attempt to spill out their emotions in natrual conversation and it’s totally different.

The recoupling speeches sound polished and practised as if the contestants had time to draw up what it was what they wanted to say, rather than to think of a speech on the spot like filming suggests.

This makes complete sense considering ITV producers want a clean-cut finish to their best-selling international TV show. Not all cast members would be natrual speaking aloud in a group surrounding and they definitely have plenty of free time to write a speech.

Screenshot: Love Island 2019

However, it also appears that the speeches have been written to ensure that more than one potential recoupling partner thinks that they have been picked, which would maximise drama.

In Danny’s instance, he hooked the audiences with a line about wanting a girl who was “very intelligent” and an “intellectual”.

If the speech was natrual, you would’ve thought that Danny would have thought twice about his potentially misleading language given the fact he could have just said: “I want to couple up with this girl ‘cus she’s a model, blonde and although we only just met I’m really taking a shining to her”.

But where is the drama in that?

The camera didn’t pan to Yewande in a flash, which would have happened as Danny surprised everyone with the word “intellectual”. Yewande and the loaded terms were all set up for perfect filming.

All reality TV shows are scripted in some way or another so stop shouting at contestants for using baited words at times… you’re the one that has taken the bait.



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