OPINION: Who is to blame for Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood’s break-up?

Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On gave us a unique insight into the life of the Love Island lovers. But, after three episodes, they split up. Who is to blame for the break-up?

Scroll through Twitter and you’ll find two separate armies forming. There’s team Chris, armed with expressions like “she’s manipulative” and “she’s controlling”, and Team Olivia, built around sayings such as “he’s aggressive” and “he’s immature”.

Of course, the real person to blame is neither Chris or Olivia.

No, the person to blame simply sits back and watches the social media drama unfold from the comfort of a semi-reclining desk chair. They look at the finger-pointing engulfing every online platform and nip to the cafeteria, flip the switch on their instant hot water dispenser and swirl their mug five to six times for the perfect steeping of their favourite tea bag.

The real person to blame is the media. Journalists. Writers. People like me.

There is no doubt that Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood were locked in a disgustingly volatile relationship, proving a disastrous and incompatible match. When cupid plucked the strings of his love bow, he seemed to have pinched a few of the devil’s deadly sins.

Were the pair struck with love? Yes. But were they also hit with smites of jealousy, greed, envy and anger? Most definitely.

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Oh Cupid, what have you done?

Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On was nothing more than a documentation of the couple’s troubles. Every 45-minute episode was packed with arguments, bickering and sour looks. Their relationship was toxic.

For their constant troubles and dramas, of course, both are to blame.

One minute, a story of inappropriate behaviour would lead to Chris sulking in the corner, self-consciously accepting that he is in the wrong without an out loud apology. Yet, accidentally hit the skip 10-seconds shortcut on your iPhone and you’ll find Olivia spouting her apologies for an almost identical incident.

But what is the running theme throughout these intense and spiteful oral duels?

The media.

Whether it was Chris dancing with a girl in a nightclub, subsequently snapped up in a 20-second video and republished online, or Olivia putting her hands over another fella’s shoulders, resulting in ‘exclusive pictures’ finding their way to a click-bait Facebook article, the media heaped pressure on their relationship.

For the best part of Olivia and Chris’s arguments, the topics on-hand were trivial. There was no hard evidence of cheating, whether it was physical, emotional or even social – a new term we’ve developed for inappropriate Instagram DM’s by the way.

Their troubles sparked from rumours that soon snowballed through the press and popped out on the other side with a sting that neither of them knew how to soothe. Having an argument was never the right answer, yet it proved their only way of dealing with things.

Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood are the worst possible matchup to feature as a celebrity couple. They are both child-like at times, brattish, and emotionally immature. Every problem they faced was resolved through a guns-blazing fight, and when there are 24-hour cameras locked onto you, it was only going to end badly.

The relationship was never going to work, but the media is to blame for needlessly adding malice to the breaking of two genuine lovebird’s hearts.

Now we know the true pain of a reality TV break-up.

We didn’t really enjoy it.

And even I’m going to feel a little guilty on my next tea break.

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