Opinion: Is Alex Miller Love Island 2018’s biggest mug?

The Love Island 2018 biggest mug award has a very tight shortlist. Etching their names to the top of the list is Megan Barton-Hanson and Wes Nelson. But what about Alex Miller?

Alex Miller is a clever and calculated character. And we’re not just saying this because he wears glasses.

He didn’t do much during his brief stint in Love Island, bar sitting around on the beanbags with a cocksure air of arrogance.

He lounged on the daybed and parted his hair with those thick lumberjack-like arms, scouting the ‘talent’ like some sort of head of talent acquisition.

He sported a pair of quirky glasses on almost every occasion and successfully nailed down a persona where nothing fazed him.

But come episode 29, when it was time for Alex’s final bow, the 28-year-old was grovelling at the feet of his princess Megan Barton-Hanson. And nobody should be begging at her feet.

Alex’s chance at love, and more importantly the £50,000 jackpot, was ripped from under his feet the moment Mr-steal-your-girl Wes Nelson decided to turn on his game.


It was done in an instance. A flash. Alex’s cocksure air of arrogance was suddenly dousted and dampened as his personality turned sour.

He went into self-destruct mode, seemingly altering his motto of “nothing fazes me” to “well if I’m going down then I’m taking you all with me.”

Talk about a sore loser.

The self-confessed ‘geezer’ reached out to Megan, telling her that “nobody thinks she is right for Wes”. He even roped in innocent bystander Laura Anderson, revealing her private comments to stir trouble.

Where’s this cool, calm and confident Essex top-boy now?

The icing on the cake saw Wes wearing glasses as he stole back Megan and completed a circle of humiliation for Alex. If Alex was Specsavers Sunglasses Wearer of the Year 2017, Wes takes this year’s title with ease.

Ultimately, Alex Miller balled into the villa and claimed the hottest property with nothing more than a “yeah, I’m quietly confident” swagger. But, before he could put down his deposit or even find a spot for his collection for his whispy glasses, big bad Wes moved back home.

Love Island’s last recouping may have been scripted or manipulated in some form, but that doesn’t make Alex Miller any less of a mug.

Producers didn’t rate him. Viewers didn’t love him.

And, the only person that could have prolonged his time in the villa, well, she wasn’t that into him either.

Cya around, Al.

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