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Screen Shot: Weekender Boat Party, ITV2, Jordan Davies and Lydia Screen Shot: Weekender Boat Party, ITV2, Jordan Davies and Lydia

OPINION: Why is Jordan Davies completely irresistible to women?

Whether it’s Ibiza Weekender or Weekender: Boat Party, the same storyline always seems to unfold. People fall in love with demi-god Jordan Davies. But why? And how?

Unable to control the bubbling excitement from spewing out of their mouths, the two girls shout aloud “we’re single and ready mingle” the moment they touch down in Ibiza.

From here, the pair of self-confessed party girls discuss their plans for the short and sinful weekend ahead.

Yet it doesn’t involve Pacha, Amnesia or any of the beautiful beaches spread across Es Canar.

No, the only reason anyone goes to Ibiza these days is for this guy.


From Twofour Productions
Pictured: Ibiza Rep Jordon

This was back in Ibiza Weekender 2017, where blonde-haired Sofia fell head over heels for Jordan and had her dignity dashed to the ground as she shamelessly swooned over him the entire weekend.

The ditsy Bristolian was incapable of stopping herself from sprawling across Jordan like he was a 76-kilogram aphrodisiac.

As duty calls – Jord got with her, ditched her to the curb and ended up bedding co-star Chyna Ellis for the rest of the season.

This is essentially the exact same storyline that unfolds in every new Ibiza Weekender series.

In Ibiza Weekender 2019, Jordan is getting with new rep Isobel. On Instagram, they look pretty cushty, too, and clearly go on to date outside of the show with pictures of them together at Christmas.

Yet despite this, Jordan also gets with fellow new rep Chloe, who was supposed to be seeing rep Callum Izzard at the time.

Apparently, Jordan Davies is simply completely and utterly irresistible.

The Welshman has previously admitted to sleeping with 750 girls in less than 18 months. For the mathematics buffs, that works out to be around 9.9 women a week or 1.4 a day.

Yet Jord is now 27 years old. His former model girlfriend, Paula Manzanal, gave birth to their baby boy in November 2018.

And here’s Jordan, continuing to woo every naive 20-something-year-old rep that walks into the Ibiza Weekender hotel as if its the epitome of what it means to be a man.

Please. Someone make him stop.

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