“It’ll be interesting to see if she’s all mouth or not.”

Tom Walker dropped the comment into conversation with the entire pack of Love Island lads as he readied himself for a night in the Hideaway room, which has become synonymous with sexual acts over the years.

Maura Higgins, the girl Tom is coupled up with, stood behind him and listened in with burning ears.

Slight burning soon raged into a fire and the 28-year-old Irish grid girl took a sharp U-turn on her man, refusing to spend the night with him in the Hideaway while shouting “go f**k yourself” in a heated exchange.

So is Tom in the wrong for his “all mouth” comments? Or did Maura overreact?

Screenshot: Love Island 2019

Screenshot: Love Island 2019

What did Tom say about Maura?

The direct quote from Tom was “it’ll be interesting to see if she’s all mouth or not” following a chin-wag with the rest of the Love Island lads about what he may get up to in the Hideaway.

Tom was implying that he was intrigued to see if Maura would be as sexual behind closed doors as she was flirtatious in the eye of the general public.

Some fans have called out Tom for his judgemental views, with the quote sounding as if he was assuming Maura would have sex with him in the Hideaway because of her vivacious personality.

Maura’s flirty mannerisms

The majority of the Love Island guys backed up Tom for what he said – although this was mainly because they had coaxed him into the quote and dug his grave.

However, some of the guys took things one step further, with Michael accusing Maura of “double standards”, mentioning that she talks about sexual acts freely and that this was a similar incident.

On camera, we witness Maura persistently attempted to kiss Tommy Fury as he was forced to duck and dive out the way.

She also joked around on the sunbed lounger with him, looking under the sunbed covers at his crotch and saying “am I turning you on”. In general, her language around the men is often very sexually explicit.

Mistaking language for actions

Maura and the rest of Love Island girls had a counter-argument that Tom was in the wrong for assuming he was going to be involved in some kind of sexual acts.


His comment can pretty much be directly as: “It’ll be interesting to see if Maura puts out.”

During a debate with the girls, Lucie Donlan said to Tom that just because she’s open about sex doesn’t mean she’s going to lay it out on the table.

A valid point. Maura’s language doesn’t represent actions.

So, is Tom in the wrong for his ‘all mouth’ comments?


While Maura has never been afraid to put her flirtatious nature on display, she never suggested anything about having sex with Tom.

Tom’s ‘all mouth’ comment unfairly laid out two paths for Maura; she was going to have sex with him and therefore potentially set up for slut-shaming, or she was wouldn’t do anything with him and therefore to Tom and the boys she’d be considered ‘all mouth’ and a letdown.

Given, it’s difficult for Tom.

With Maura constantly giving him sexual suggestions and the concept of the Hideaway to be the room where sex takes place (Love Island producers even made a rule for 2019 that this is the only room cast members can have sex in) then it’s easy to see why Tom would gather these assumptions.

Laughing about it in front of a host of lads was not fair, dignified or respectful.

Yet perhaps the saddest part of the entire argument is that if we swapped out Tom and replaced him with any of the other seven guys in the villa, how many would have been caught out for engaging in the exact same sort of conversation?



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