A Year To Fall In Love… or is it more like a year to fall asleep?

Not much chance with this breakneck pace!

While we catch glimpses of the twenty singletons the Channel 4 series will be following, this first episode focuses on five people looking for love.

So, the first people with a year to fall in love: who are they? Here’s the lowdown on how they started out, and what their chances of love look like thus far.

Free Freddy

A Year to fall in love who - Freddy

A Year To Fall In Love: – Freddy

Freddy has been friends with Jasmine for a year, is it time to make a move? His mates say yeah, and he doesn’t need much encouragement.

Success Rate: She says yes the first time! They’re dating for three months by the end of the episode.

Warning Signs: They’re already having trouble at the three-month mark, mostly about who’s allowed to throw what kind of shapes and where. Who knew raving was so difficult to navigate? They’re hanging in there so far, but he’s already consulting his mum for advice.

Single Sophie

To borrow from Kanye, we’re not saying she’s a gold digger… but he does favour exclusive nightclubs populated by men with cash to throw around.

Her first big night out costs her only £10, since the guys are providing the drinks all night long.

A Year to fall in love who - Sophie

A Year To Fall In Love: – Sophie

Success Rate: Older gentleman Juan takes a shine to Sophie, and she certainly doesn’t mind him splashing the cash on her. Henley Regatta isn’t a bad first date for a ‘total princess’ looking for a ‘sugar daddy’.

Warning Signs: It doesn’t take too long for it to end in tears. Sophie’s not being put off that easily though, and she’s soon back out to look for the next contender.

Not-so-lucky Nick

Wales, come and get your boy. He’s not great at taking hints, to put it mildly.

Success Rate: After the girl from the food festival debacle, he does get together with a perfectly lovely Italian girl.

Warning Signs: Only to pretty much immediately worry that being with her meant he might miss out on someone even better. A commitmentphobe who also can’t stop dating? Bit of a disaster.

Newbie Niki

Broadening her dating pool by dating both men and women, the odds should be more in Niki’s favour.

A Year to fall in love who - Niki

A Year To Fall In Love: – Niki

Her strike rate is certainly better with the guys, but there are a few failed attempts even with the elite girl-girl Whatsapp group she gets access to.

Success Rate: She does have a great date with a 29-year-old roofer, who she likes right off the bat.

Warning Signs: He gets way too intense, way too fast. Feeling suffocated, Niki has a hard time extricating herself from that short relationship. She’s getting back out there though.


There are few places better to be a gay man than Brighton, good old Islington-on-Sea. Xander can find flings galore at the swipe of a finger, but he’s looking for something more.

Success Rate: He spends basically a whole day with one guy just talking. Unfortunately, the talking was a distraction from how he wasn’t actually attracted to his date.

Warning Signs: One and done for Xander. He’s off travelling, to see if his year of looking for love will have better results around the world, starting in Bangkok.


A Year To Fall in Love aired on Channel 4, Tuesday 19th June 2018, right after Bride and Prejudice.

Following episodes are available on All4.