Tamisha Iman opened up about her drag daughter Tandi Iman Dupree on RuPaul’s Drag Race. However, who was Tandi, and how did she die?

RuPaul Drag Race remembered Tandi in the latest episode of the show. Tandi had managed to make a name for herself after a video of her went viral. However, not a lot about her is known. Here’s a look at Tandi life and how she died.

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Who was Tandi Iman Dupree?

Tandi made her presence known to the world when she took part in Miss Black America drag pageant in 2001. One of the things that made Tandi stand out was her extraordinary entrance. Tandi was dressed as a superwoman for her performance while her partner was dressed like a superman.

She shocked the world as she decided to make an entrance by dropping from the ceiling. As painful it sounds, Tandi managed to leave a mark on everyone with that act. To date, millions of people have viewed that video on YouTube.

Since the beginning, Tandi had been interested in dancing. She was even the co-captain of her school’s majorette squad until graduation. She then started competing at N-Cognito night club in Memphis. Unfortunately, Tandi passed away in 2005 due to complications from AIDS.

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Tandi Iman Dupree and Tamisha Iman’s relationship:

Tamisha recalled her drag daughter in the latest episode of the show. Speaking to RuPaul she said, “If she was still alive, she would be one of your girls.” She further added that Tandi was a “true entertainer.”

This is not the first time Tamisha has opened up about Tandi. A Reddit user shared a picture of a letter that Tandi had written to Tamisha. Tamisha had reportedly shared it on her social media. Fans were quick to react to this as one wrote, “Tamisha iman being the mother of Tandi Iman Dupree. Makes complete sense either legendary status.”

Another added, “Tamisha Iman, mother of THEE Tandi Iman Dupree, doing drag for thirty years and beat COLON CANCER to get on THIS show????? give her her crown and put the show in the garbage and put Scruple in PRISON honey.”

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