Swearing on Love Island - is it worse than ever?

Any seasoned Love Island fan understands that a showcase of swearing is just something that comes as part of the ITV2 series package.

Most Islanders make Gordon Ramsay look like a saint the way they spout the F word. They’re dropping C-Bombs like they’re going out of fashion and aren’t afraid to get creative with their expletives, either.

So for any sensitive souls out there, ear defenders at the ready, because although this show is called Love Island, arguments always get heated.

Screen Shot: Dani Dyer on Love Island’s Paul Knops – ITV2, series 4

Language, Please!

This season’s cast looks to be no different from past Islanders.

In a recent episode an argument between Dani Mas Dyer, Georgia Steel and Jack Fincham ended with Jack calling Georgia ‘a little sh*t’ twice as she walked away.

It looks like the series four cats just can’t keep their cool!

From Eyal Booker to Samira Mighty, Georgia and even the resident Love Island Doctor, swearing has been a prominent feature in the series.


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Love Island: SR4: Ep38 on ITV2. where does Love Island’s Dr Alex George work?

Standard Behaviour

However, an onslaught of swearing is nothing new under the Majorca sun.

Let’s face it, the language has been foul in series one, two and three.

That’s not to say that their inappropriate yet imaginative phrases aren’t appreciated.

Series three’s Olivia Attwood – AKA self-named ‘f**kboy whisperer’ – can be held responsible for the term ‘Dicksand’ breaking its way onto our TV screens.

Camilla Thurlow kept her comments relatively PG throughout the season, however, even she once referred to herself as a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets!


Losing Their Heads

Series one star Josh Ritchie flew off the handle when he had to take part in the Love Island baby challenge.

What happened to the Love Island baby challenge? Is it soon?

And Jon Clark and Hannah Elizabeth’s tumultuous time in the Love Island villa made for a firework display of swear words pretty much every episode.

Series two was much of the same. But, Kady McDermott wins first prize for her performance in 2017 when Scott Thomas left the villa for a date with Tina Stinnes. 

Although she never exactly understood what all the fuss was about!

It looks like the language of Love Islanders has been consistently bad over all four series to date.

And they don’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon.

Now, f*ck off!



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