Bri Springs decided to make a tough decision in the latest episode of the show. Fans found out she had quit her job to be on the show. What exactly was Bri’s job? Here’s what she did for a living.

‘The Bachelor’ has seen many contestants come on the show over the years. Sometimes, the show asks for sacrifices that one would have not expected. Bri decided to let the world know how serious she was about Matt James by resigning from her job. Yes, you heard that right. She let go of her job to continue on the show.

What does Bri Springs do for a job?

Bri used to work as a communication manager at a “high-profile social media company,” according to her ABC bio. Later, Chris Harrison revealed she worked at a tech company. He refrained from telling the name of the company to ensure Bri does not land in trouble.

“I’m not allowed to say what tech company, and I don’t want to put her job in jeopardy. But it is a big one, so much so that she almost wasn’t on the show because of it,” he said at that time.

When Bri came on the show, she was vocal about her professional achievements. She aimed at focusing on her personal life by giving love a chance.

Twitter reacts to Bri leaving her job

Bri did not think there was anything wrong with leaving her job to be on the show. However, fans were quite shocked and wondered if she had made the right choice.

“Bri’s convo with her job, maybe: “Hey guys, I just wanted to hop on here real quick since a lot of you have been asking about my work routine. And like, I just want to be totally open & transparent with you that I don’t think I want or need one anymore. Okay, bye!” one joked.

Another added, “Bri quit her dream JOB opportunity for MATT??!?!! Risk reward sis, risk-reward.” “Wait, Bri resigned from her job to be on #TheBachelor?? Women: please do NOT do this. Build your life. Don’t give your dreams up. Love will come,” read another comment.

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