This Time with Alan Partridge ep 5 review: #TashHag MeToo and the best bits you missed!
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This Time with Alan Partridge ep 5 review: #TashHag MeToo and the best bits you missed!

This Time with Alan Partridge episode 5 was one of the most hotly-anticipated episodes of the series, focusing primarily on the #MeToo movement.

However, with four show-stopping episodes in the build-up to Monday night’s (March 26th) show, could Alan deliver yet again?

Here’s a review of the episode with highlights of the best bits and a selection of hilarious quotes that you probably missed.

This Time with Alan Partridge – Ep 5: Baby Cow – Photographer: Colin Hutton

#TashHag MeToo

Alan’s general clumsiness when it comes to approaching tender subject matters can be summed up by his “tash-hag MeToo” statement.

The small chunk of humour, that would have been easily missed by the untrained Alan Partridge eye, was knitted into the opening segment where Alan discussed sexism in the workplace.

Comical and topical as always, the fictionary BBC broadcaster addressed sexism issues in his own unique manner, perhaps taking a satirical look at the prioritisation of gender-based harassment.

Alan said:

And the red-head whose backside I patted backstage… don’t worry, that’s merely a shaved boy in a wig.

The theme continued long into the show as Alan waffled on when his make-up artist entered the stage. Al chimed to his guest: “Do you want make-up?… not that you need it, or that it’s relevant. I’ve got it on, I’m a man.”

Some segments on the issue were less subtle than others, as Alan catapulted his shovel into action, digging his own grave with a typically hide-behind-the-sofa anecdote that started with “if I can just speak as a male…”

Alan continued:

I’m sorry, I have sinned. I have stood on the pavement with other men and slow-hand clapped as I watched a woman try to parallel park… which is wrong. And if I saw the same thing today I think I would just, you know, shout out instructions.

And at this point, the guest simply interrupted: “Or leave them alone.”

This Time with Alan Partridge

The underrated Simon Denton

Tim Key, who plays social media ‘guru’ Simon Denton on This Time, is perhaps the most underrated character in the series.

While Jennie Gresham, played by Susannah Fielding, has received rave reviews for her faultless depiction of a BBC One Show host, Tim has delivered an equally flawless act as the socially awkward Sidekick Simon.

In episode 5, Simon added to the entire #tash-hag MeToo confusion by interjecting with “absolutely, I love women… couldn’t eat a whole one though” before awkwardly chuckling at his terrible joke.

“What?” is all Alan could add as the show abruptly moved on from Simon’s general uselessness.

This Time with Alan Partridge

Later in the show, Simon popped up with his segment on outdated mother-in-law jokes.

However, he did so by bringing up a list of on-screen jokes while trying not to burst into laughter.

  • I could tell it was my mother-in-law coming up the path because the mice were throwing themselves on the trap.
  • My mother-in-law worked on a whaling ship. She used to dive in and strangle them.
  • I saw my mother-in-law getting beat up by six men. My wife said, “Aren’t you going to help?” I said no, six should be enough.

Henry F*ckabeggar

A late segment closed the episode with Alan learning all about the history of swearwords.

However, with 99% of the segment bleeped out, Alan sat there with a look across his face that said ‘f*ck, this was a bad idea’.

Nonetheless, we were introduced to the name Henry F*ckabeggar, the term rantallion – meaning one whose scrotum is so relaxed that it is longer than their penis – and bagpiping as a term for fellatio.

This Time with Alan Partridge: Episode 5 review

When the series synopsis came out, the #MeToo episodes was widely expected to be Alan’s best. It’s probably turned out to be his worst.

For fans of Alan Partridge, This Time with Alan Partridge episode 5 is another half an hour of hilarious one-liners and quotable A.P gumpf.

For those who need a little more from their entertainment, it’s arguably the most forgettable episode in six.

Next week’s (April 1st) show is the last in the series and is expected to end This Time with a bang, marking episode 5 as the one to skip if you’re binge-watching the season in a rush.



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