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What is Thomas from Bachelor in Paradise's age and height?

Thomas is one of the ABC stars of The Bachelor’s spin off Bachelor in Paradise, and viewers are wondering what his age and height is.

It comes as him and Becca went on a date, despite her appearing to have a romantic connection with Aaron beforehand, and Thomas with Tammy.

This is when fans started questioning how tall he is compared to rival Aaron, as well as the actual age of the Bachelor in Paradise star.

Those looking for a romantic match usually have a certain requirement when it comes to age and height, so Reality Titbit have Thomas’ stats ready.

Bachelor in Paradise | Trailer 2021

Bachelor in Paradise | Trailer 2021

How old is Thomas Jacobs?

Thomas is 29 years old, and was born on June 18, 1992.

Some viewers think he looks a lot older since he first appeared on The Bachelorette, but he has only aged by one year since season 17.

He is thought to have grown up in a military family, and has since been working as a real estate broker during his twenties.

His Zillow profile reveals that he has excelled “among the top 3% of all real estate professionals” since 2016.

Thomas from Bachelor in Paradise: Height

Thomas is 6 ft 6 tall, making him one of the tallest on the show.

Co-star Aaron Clancy was seen bragging about being “tall”, when last week, he said that Thomas was less of a man for saying he was 6’6.

Viewers have noticed that Aaron regularly talks about Thomas, with many being led to think his favorite topic in general is tall people.

Aaron is slightly shorter than Thomas, at a height of 6 ft 4.

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What is Thomas Jacobs’ ethnicity?

Thomas is of mixed ethnicity. Growing up, others thought he was Latino, which is not true. He is black, Russian, Polish, with a little Native American.

He grew up in San Diego, California, and went to the University of San Diego, where he played collegiate basketball.

The BIP said he grew up in a predominately white, upper-middle-class neighborhood and was one of only a few minorities where he lived.



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