What happened to ALFIE in Eastenders? Spoilers ahead!

Is it even Christmas without the death of a soap superstar?

Another gripping Eastenders Christmas special left the nation on the edge of their seats as the death of long-serving star Alife Moon was toyed with.

But will the BBC soap opera really follow through with their merciless cull on the cast or is it all an elaborate ploy?


Is Alfie Moon Dead?


First and foremost, let’s clear up the rumour that Shane Ritchie’s character, Alfie Moon, is dead.

Hayley Slater (Katie Jarvis) appeared to have killed Alfie when she shoved him down the stairs during the Boxing Day special on Wednesday, December 26th.

However, that wasn’t the case, with Alf surviving what would have been yet another Christmas catastrophe in Albert Square.

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What Happened to Alfie in Eastenders?

Hayley, Kat (Jessie Wallace) and Stacey (Lacey Turner) shoved Alife down the stairs.

They then put on a masterclass of what not to do if you ever accidentally almost kill someone, not even checking poor Alfie’s pulse as they casually retreated to the kitchen for a cuppa.

Fortunately, Jean (Gillian Wright) was on hand to take matters into her own hands and called an ambulance… eventually!

The main talking point on Twitter was how casual the three women were as they danced around Alfie’s corpse.

They continued with their normal daily duties, completing the washing up and taking out the bins.

All that dossing about eventually caught up with them, however, and by the time the sirens of the ambulance had reached the house Alfie was gone.

He plucked baby Cherry from her cot upstairs, reapproached the staircase very, very carefully, and swiftly disappeared.