What happened to Kate Bassich from Life Below Zero? Her life explored

Kate Bassich was seen on the show for a long time. However, she disappeared from it when a new season returned in 2019. Here’s what happened to Kate from the show.

Kate first appeared on the show in 2013 and was introduced to the viewers as Andy Bassich’s wife. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last, and the pair decided to get a divorce. Ever since then, Kate was not seen on the show. However, she has been enjoying a good life.

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Posted by Kate Rorke Life Below Zero on Monday, May 27, 2019

What happened to Kate on the show?

For a long time, viewers got to see the relationship between Kate and Adam blossom. Fans were shocked when they found out that the pair were planning on getting a divorce. No clear reason behind their split has been known to date.

With their relationship coming to an end, Kate decided to part her ways with Nat Geo as well. Despite this, she continues to use her link with the show. On her Facebook page, she goes by the name ‘Kate Rorke Life Below Zero.’

Fans can follow her here. Kate often posts things about what she has been doing, keeping her followers updated.

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What is Kate doing these days?

Kate has been enjoying her time in Canada. It looks like she moved there after her split. She often posts videos of how she has been enjoying her time while in quarantine. Last month she shared a video and wrote, “Wow these snowflakes today are impressively large. Sooooo pretty. I decided to slow-motion video them.”

At the same time, Kate uses her social media to draw attention to some political news. She uses her timeline to speak about things that matter to her. Right from US politics to that of Canada, Kate seems to be using the platform to let her voice be heard.

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