What is Disney and American Idol connection? Its relationship explored
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What is Disney and American Idol connection? Its relationship explored

‘American Idol’ fans were left a little surprised after a contestant revealed his family member had to leave their job at Disney for him to audition for the show. So, what exactly does Disney have to do with American Idol?

The reality show has seen people from all over the country come and audition. Some have been lucky enough to get through, while others have been left brokenhearted. Amid this, one of the contestants spoke about the sacrifice their family member had to make to allow him to appear for the auditions. Here’s why that happened.

Disney and American Idol connection

In the latest episode, the show revealed that people who might be related, or have a family member that may be associated with the company, cannot audition for the show.

As per the eligibility criteria, the participant or any of their member cannot be affiliated with any of the companies that have a majority-owned subsidiary of the show. In this, The Walt Disney Company and its affiliates are also included.

Due to these criteria, any contestant who might be affiliated with the companies mentioned in their eligibility criteria will not be able to audition. At the same time, a contestant cannot run for public office if they were to audition for the show.

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Do contestants on American Idol get paid?

People who come to audition for the show have to take care of their own expenses. The auditions do not cost anything. However, the travel and accommodation expenses will have to be incurred by the candidate during the audition process have to be paid from their own pocket.

However, the show pays for travel and accommodation once you reach the top 24. It is only when the contestants reach the Top 10 that they start getting paid. The contestants receive “$1,571 plus meals for two-hour Idol shows, $1,303 for one-hour shows, and $910 for half-hour results shows,” as reported by Fox Business. This payment is only made once the contestants register in the AFTRA union.

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