What type of dog is Frank Sinatra from Shahs of Sunset?
Screenshot from instagram @_destineyrose_

What type of dog is Frank Sinatra from Shahs of Sunset?

With the release of ‘Shahs of Sunset’ (Season 9) last month, we really cannot get enough of this reality series.

As we follow the highs and lows of these Persian-American friends, we have come to the realisation that the real star of the show is Frank Sinatra!

Who is Frank Sinatra?

Frank Sinatra is Destiney Rose’s dog on Shahs of Sunset – and it’s no secret that he’s extremely well pampered. Destiney has even shared that “his cocktail of choice is CBD-infused water!”

Along with a good ‘cocktail,’ Frank Sinatra also enjoys fresh Persian food, massages, and leisurely walks around in his high-end outfits.

Why is everyone so in love with this fur baby?

Frank Sinatra has melted everyone’s hearts over his time on the show, with his fluffy little face and cute outfits – we seriously can’t get enough!

What breed is Frank Sinatra?

Over the course of Shahs of Sunset the real question on everyone’s mind is what breed of dog is Frank Sinatra:

All over social media, people have been trying to guess which breed Frank Sinatra actually is. On Destiney’s Instagram, one user guessed Pekingese or Pomeranian, whilst over on Reddit another guessed a Tibetan Spaniel.

Either way we want to know what breed of dog Destiney Rose has so we can go out and get one of our own.

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