TLC is back with yet another season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, and fans may get to know more about Whitney Thore’s French boyfriend as he still appears to be in the scene.

The trailer for the latest season sees her setting the record straight with her ex-boyfriend, Lennie, when he tries to lurk into her personal life.

She confirms that she is still with the Frenchman, who was first heard of in the previous season. But, his identity still remains a secret.

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Whitney Thore on her French boyfriend

Whitney knows messing with an ex never ends well, but she is more assured about her own romance with her French boyfriend.

When Lennie tries to enquire about her love life, Whitney establishes that she is still with the Frenchman. She also says he wouldn’t be bothered by Lennie because he has already seen his picture.

When her former boyfriend points out that it’s 2022, a baffled Whitney clarified that they aren’t in an open relationship.

Furthermore, she hasn’t shared the slightest hint about being single or having broken up with the man who she couldn’t stop gushing about last year.

Frenchman was introduced in the last season

Fans came to learn about Whitney’s French boyfriend in July 2021 when she shared a series of pictures on her Instagram, which showed her sharing the frame with her new beau. In the caption, she revealed that he was her “man”.

The caption read: “So… when your French man says he values his privacy but you still wanna share him, this is what social media gets.”

Less than two months after Whitney and Chase ended their engagement, the reality star teased her followers with pictures of her “French man” on Instagram ahead of the season premiere.

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How did they meet?

Whitey met her French beau online. She was taking French lessons when she crossed paths with her new man.

In the last season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney said he laughs at things she does before admitting to having a crush on him. 

And, in the latest trailer, she clarifies that there is nothing awkward between her and Lennie. She then establishes that her boyfriend has nothing to worry about.

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