Who is Tammy Slaton's nurse from 1000-lb sisters?

1000-lb Sisters has returned to TLC for their third season, and it seems that Tammy is recruiting for her own nurse.

The TLC show revolves around Slaton sisters Tammy and Amy, who during season 1 of the show averaged over a thousand pounds. Since then, Amy has lost a lot of weight, but Tammy is still struggling.

During the new season, Amy is continuing to help Tammy lose the weight she needs to live a healthy life. However, she can’t do this on her own. Reality Titbit have found out who was interviewed to be her nurse, and also explored her history with nurses in the past…

1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

Who is Tammy’s nurse?

During the trailer for tonight’s episode of 1000-lb sisters, we see Tammy and Amy interviewing potential nurses to find the perfect match for Tammy. Before the interviews, Amy said that they need to find somebody who will be stern with her, and be “the no person”.

The sisters conducted three interviews, as Amy only got three responses to her ad to be Tammy’s nurse. They interviewed Tisa, Kaitlyn and Susan.

It’s unknown yet who they picked for Tammy, but viewers of the show liked the look of Tisa. One YouTube account commented: “Tisa seems like the only one strict enough but she’s still really nice”.

Tammy allegedly assaulted her past nurse

Earlier this year, Tammy was accused of assaulting her nurse who was caring for her at her past living facility. The accusation got fans of the show furious, as this isn’t the first time Tammy has got violent.

The source of this rumor was unknown, however Tammy quickly shut it down in a now-deleted Instagram post and said: “Y’all going to have to stop believing everything you hear and see”. She also said that anybody who believed the rumor was “dumb as a box of rocks”.

1000-lb sisters: Tammy left rehab after eight weeks

Tammy Slaton was slammed on social media after she ignored advice and decided to leave rehab after being there for just eight weeks. She said that she was feeling homesick and missed her family and bed, so wanted to leave.

Whilst in rehab Tammy lost 60 pounds, which shocked her as she didn’t believe she could lose that much. However, she didn’t reach her target goal of 100 pounds as she didn’t stay at the rehab for food addiction for the full duration.



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