Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’ relationship has made headlines ever since the two appeared on The Bachelorette. Now, fans seem convinced they might have secretly gotten married.

The Bachelorette fans witnessed a lot of drama on the show during Clare’s season. In a matter of a couple of episodes, she seemed to have made up her mind that Dale was the one for her. Even though several people doubted their relationship, the pair seemed sure about each other. Now, judging by the rumors, things seem to be getting exciting for them.

Rumors about Clare Crawley and Dale Moss getting married explored

On August 20, an Instagram page named ‘deuxmoi’ shared a screenshot of an e-mail they received about Clare and Dale being married.

The first e-mail read: “Clare and Dale are married. They did it in “secret” but filmed it with a small crew and serious NDA. Negotiating with a print outlet to coincide with streaming wedding special.”

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This was followed by another tip from a source that reads: “Yes, Clare and Dale are married. They are waiting to reveal it with People. I’m not 100% sure about the TV wedding though? I know they are so happy and now the goal is to have babies ASAP, like within the next few months.”

This comes after US Weekly hinted the pair might be married. In July, the outlet revealed the couple had been spotted wearing wedding bands on their ring finger. However, the reality stars never confirmed the news.

Instagram Stories @deuxmoi

A look at the pair’s relationship

When Clare and Dale got together on the show, fans wanted to know where their relationship will lead them. However, many were left heartbroken when in January, the two confirmed they had separated.

Back then, Dale had confirmed the split in an Instagram post. Nearly a month later, there was news that the two were back together and more serious than ever.

A source close to the couple told US Weekly, “Her love for Dale didn’t just disappear overnight. She still has strong feelings for him. Once she falls in love, she falls hard. She took the engagement very seriously and was extremely upset when they split.”

With their rekindled romance, their engagement was back on. However, they never revealed any wedding details. With news about their relationship coming to the spotlight again, fans are waiting for them to shed more light on their wedding rumors.

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