Absolutely Ascot is already onto its final episode.

The hit show last aired Sunday night. (November 4th)

For anyone that missed the live show, episode 7 is on the ITVBe Hub.

So when is Absolutely Ascot episode 8 on? And where can you watch it?


Screen Shot: Absolutely Ascot episode 5 – ITVBe

When is Absolutely Ascot on?

Absolutely Ascot normally airs every Sunday night at 10 pm.

The last episode aired on Sunday, November 4th.

It’s now available to watch on the ITVBe Hub.

Absolutely Ascot episode 8 is set to be a big series finale with Henry reconciling with Courtney and more!


Screen Shot: Absolutely Ascot Series 1 Episode 5 – ITVBe

What Happens in Episode 8?

Absolutely Ascot episode 8 could be the most dramatic episode yet as Henry continues to cause drama. Does he want to be with Leah or is he planning on winning Courtney over and getting her back?

Henry could even end up flying solo and live out his Playboy lifestyle – as he perhaps should.

In the episode 8 preview, it’s Courtney’s birthday, Mia’s in bits, Chloe wants to shock Samson and Ellie talks baby names with best friend Leah.


Screen Shot: Absolutely Ascot episode 5 – ITVBe

When is the Next Episode on?

The final episode of Absolutely Ascot is on its way.

Episode 8 will air Sunday, November 11th at the usual time of 10 pm.

Expect fireworks from Absolutely Ascot’s next episode as Henry continues to be Ascot’s troublemaker.

He needs to make a decision as to whether to continue his relationship with Leah Fletcher or do his best to win over his ex, Courtney Smith.

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