Absolutely Ascot was dubbed as a cross between The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea after launching in September 2018.

The ITVBe series certainly lived up to its reputation with enough drama to match both those Essex girls and Chelsea boys.

Among the arguments and even petitions from local Ascot resident to have the series pulled, 18-year-old Ellie Ball fell pregnant with her boyfriend before giving birth in 2019.

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Angelbo Stanley Screen Shot: Absolutely Ascot Series 1 Episode 5 – ITVBe

When did Ellie Ball Become Pregnant?

Although the ITVBe series attempted to keep the pregnancy secret at first and add suspense, it all became pretty obvious in season 1, episode 5.

Ellie didn’t attend Angel’s birthday party and confessed to her mum that she “couldn’t be bothered with all the drama no more”.

Perhaps avoiding the stress and drama of the Windsor races was best for Ellie and her baby!

A Girl or a Boy?

Ellie took to her Instagram story to announce the gender of her baby.

Expectant mums usually find out their baby’s gender between 16 and 20 weeks.

Absolutely Ascot certainly gave us more than we bargained for – a savage break-up, a broken birthday and a baby.


Screen Shot: Ellie Ball Instagram story @ellieball_new 

Ellie has Baby Michael!

On – or around – February 22nd, 2019 – Ellie gave birth to baby Michael John Sines.

Michael is named after his father, Ellie’s boyfriend, Michael.

The Ascot star doesn’t like to share her whole life on Instagram so fans had little updates on how her pregnancy was going at the time of the announcement.

Ellie’s Mum is a ‘GILF’

Ellie’s mum, Emma wrote on her Instagram that she’s going from ‘MILF’ to ‘GILF’.

We can’t wait to see how Emma takes to life as a grandma in Absolutely Ascot season 2.




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