The reality tv star and the plastic surgeon have been going through ups and downs during their two-decade marriage. However, ten years later, Jennifer Aydin has brought up her husband’s mistress in a conversation during an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Naturally, Jennifer considers Bill’s mistress being the cause of their marriage’s breaking point. Even though they were both able to move on, Jennifer has still some unfinished business as she confronts her husband.

Jennifer Aydin questions her marriage with Bill

In the midseason trailer for “The Real Housewives of New Jersey“, the Aydins seem to be going through a rough patch of their marriage. By the looks of it, Jennifer Aydin has not been able to move on past her husband’s old affair as she has revealed to be questioning her marriage.

As the trailer starts with joy and positive vibes, it takes a dramatic turn as old feelings will resurface and drama starts heating up.

A snippet of the conversation between Jennifer and Bill shows the current status of their marriage. Then, she vents with her friend, Margaret, admitting that she doesn’t know if she “can work through it” with her husband.

Bill once had a ‘mistress’

Jennifer and Bill’s marriage has been under the spotlight throughout all seasons, as cheating suspicion raised. Nonetheless, Jennifer has always portrayed her marriage as a perfect relationship.

Although the name of the mystery mistress has not been revealed yet, Bill had in fact cheated on his wife ten years ago with a pharmaceutical agent at his previous job.

She then shared more details during an interview with Us Weekly, where she said: “I found out pretty much 10 days before I had Christian.”

As Jennifer claims not to have had any idea about the affair, she still wanted to keep it as a secret and not publicly mention it during her time at The Real Housewives of New Jersey. However, the secret was later revealed.

Jennifer and Bill: Relationship timeline

Jennifer and Bill Aydin’s marriage has not been perfect but they have still managed to work it through despite their difference while also being on reality TV.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star and the plastic surgeon met at a wedding back in September 2001 and things worked out so fast as they got married the following year and now they have five children.

As soon as Jennifer joined season nine of The Real Housewives of New Jersey in 2018, her marriage was under the microscope and that was when her relationship started to go through a crisis.

As they have known each other for two decades, their love for one another has proven to be stronger than ever. Despite the old drama, the couple worked through it for the sake of their children. However, things might change as the new season starts and Jennifer’s doubts resurface.

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