Carolyna's successful real estate biz made her a millionaire before RHOL

Carolyna's successful real estate biz made her a millionaire before RHOL

Carolyna Hutchings is joining The Real Housewives of Lagos line-up. It comes after years of running a successful business of her own focusing on real estate, making her a secured millionaire already.

The Showmax reality series is the latest in the Real Housewives franchise, which is set to take us across the globe, documenting the success and glamour of women living it up in the economic hub of Nigeria.

She is already the CEO of her own biz, as well as a financial and business consultant – and now she’s adding reality TV personality to her resume! So, the question is, just how much is Carolyna worth?!

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The Real Housewives of Lagos | Launch Trailer

The Real Housewives of Lagos | Launch Trailer

Who is Carolyna Hutchings?

Carolyna Hutchings is a cast member on The Real Housewives of Lagos. The Nigeria-born business owner puts finances and charity work at the forefront of her life, as the founder of non-profit Hopeville Foundation.

She was formerly married to a billionaire, Musa Danjuma, and is now a successful entrepreneur. Carolyna is the an interior designer, realtor, financial and business consultant, and CEO of Hutchings Realtors, a real estate company.

The Showmax star claims she is “living life to the fullest” in her Instagram bio. The mother-of-three split from her ex and baby daddy Musa in 2016, who owns Nigeria America Line Limited and Comet Shipping Agencies Nigeria Limited.

The Lagos housewife’s business

Carolyna Hutchings runs Hutchings Realtors, which claims to be the “best developer and service provider” as per the firm’s Instagram. Sales, rentals, construction, as well as renovation and interior design, are all on its services list.

One of the company’s latest offers involved five shortlets designed by Carolyna, which were up for rent in November 2021. A post on the firm’s Instagram revealed it has a “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas service.”

Carolyn’s first project was completed five years ago, after she began her work as an interior designer three years before. She then decided to build homes for clients, which the star continues to do today.

Her millionaire net worth

Carolyna is reportedly worth between $5 million and $10 million, as per multiple sources. Showbiz Corner states that she earned her fortune from her previous acting career, with her main income as a business owner.

Looking at her Instagram, where she has at least 35K followers, The Real Housewives of Lagos cast member has an extremely glamorous life and is often dressed to the nines in designer gear.

Despite her secure finances, Carolyna’s goal isn’t money, as per her Hutchings Realtors Instagram. A post from March 2021 details how the firm “love to make profit but our greatest achievement is having satisfied clients.”



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