Paris Smith is back on season 22 of Made In Chelsea, and viewers have been wondering how she got her scar.

The Made In Chelsea season finale is slowly approaching, and we’ve seen some new faces hit the scene this year, including Paris’ new boyfriend.

Paris Smith is a 23-year-old model from London. Reality Titbit have explored how Paris may have got her scar, her relationship with Cillian, and her bravery for opening up about dating as a woman of color.

How did Paris Smith get her scar?

Fans have noticed that the Made In Chelsea star has a noticeable scar on her forehead. The exact reason for this is unknown, as Paris has not opened up about her scar on her social media or on the show. However, we do know that this hasn’t happened recently.

Last June, Paris shared a photo on her Instagram of herself as a young child where the scar is present. The scar looks like it has come from some sort of injury involving a cut to the head, but this has not been confirmed.

Paris opened up about dating as a black woman

Paris has received a lot of admiration for her bravery for opening up about dating as a black woman on last nights episode of Made In Chelsea. She explained about how she was nervous to meet her partners family as she has had many bad experiences in the past with racism.

She also said:

“Theres been situations where I can see that like I’m being judged in a very different way by the family. I don’t know I think dating as a woman of colour is always very different.”

Made In Chelsea fans have taken to social media to praise Paris for opening up. One user wrote: “Oh Paris.. I hope your partner’s family except you for you are you. Which is a strong powerful woman”.

Made In Chelsea: Who is Paris dating?

During last weeks episode of Made In Chelsea, we were introduced to Paris’ boyfriend Cillian Hilliard. Cillian is the latest cast member on the show.

Cillian is Irish, however moved to London during the lockdown in late 2020. Alongside his new career in reality TV, Cillian works in investment banking and venture capital. He also has his own jewellery company based in Ireland called Dana Project.

During the next time clip for the show, Paris announced that her and Cillian are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. The Made In Chelsea star also said:

“The good thing about him is he gives me a lot of reassurance. He makes me feel like he is like – you know when you look at someone and you’re like wow, like that’s how I feel like he feels about me and I feel that about him too.”



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