Todd Chrisley and his family have profited greatly from their hit reality soap, Chrisley Knows Best, but how did the dad of TV’s popular family make his money, to begin with?

If you have been keeping up with all the drama coming from the Chrisley household, you will know that the heads of the family, Todd Chrisley, and Julie Chrisley have begun their prison sentences. They were sent to jail for a combined 19 years after the couple was found guilty of tax evasion and fraud.

Fans of the show Chrisley Knows Best will know that the family lives a lavish lifestyle, and it appeared they were raking it in.

The clan is made up of Todd, wife Julie Chrisley, and children Kyle, Grayson, Savannah and adopted granddaughter Chloe.

Obviously, the family made a lot of money from their reality soap, but they lived a lavish lifestyle before the show started making them thousands of dollars.

So, how did Todd make his money before the family found reality TV fame and the success and riches that came along with it?

How did Todd Chrisley make his money?

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Fans of the reality soap Chrisley Knows Best will know that Todd and his wife Julia flaunt their wealth and fortune on the family’s TV show.

Following the days of Todd and Chrisley’s spark meet and fairy tale love story, they continued to thrive.

But what isn’t clear to viewers is how Todd acquired his money in the first place.

As it happens Todd Chrisley made his money in the real estate business, which is where he made most of his fortune.

Todd founded his company, Chrisley Asset Management, in 2000, in Atlanta, Georgia, where the family used to live before their move to Nashville. According to the company, it was “dedicated to expediting the loss recovery liquidation of commercial and residential assets”. 

In translation, this means that they would buy houses that were foreclosed and sell them to make a profit.

What is Todd Chrisley worth?

If you watch Chrisley Knows Best you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that Todd Chrisley’s net worth is in the millions considering how lavish his and his family’s lifestyle is.

However, you couldn’t be further from the truth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chrisley isn’t rolling in the cash and isn’t worth a small fortune.

In fact, the site estimates Todd Chrisley’s net worth plummets to negative $5 million, which doesn’t seem to fit with his extravagant lifestyle on TV.

According to reports his worth plummeted after a series of financial dips which have been the focus of a lot of speculation.

According to People, Todd’s difficulties began after a failed business investment, which put Todd into crippling debt of $49.4 million.

As Todd and Julie start a combined jail sentence of 19 years, 600 miles apart, the Chrisleys face losing their home.

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