HILARIOUS Ibiza Weekender episode introduces us to ‘burger-gate’ - we've all been there!

We expect the majority of Ibiza Weekender episodes to be pretty damn same-samey.

There’s Jordan Davies trying to get into the pants of Chyna Ellis, some beefed-up boys flexing their muscles from the balcony, a couple ‘party girls’, and plenty of hilarious quotes from head rep ‘El Jefe’.

In episode five from the latest Series Four however, we were introduced to burger-gate. An issue that all of us have experienced when it comes to drunken nights out.

Amidst the chaos of Spanish and Flamenco dancing lessons, which were literally filmed to try and fill up some ITV air time, we witnessed Marlie coming out with the quote of the series.

Screen Shot: ITV2 Ibiza Weekender

After the Ibiza Weekender crews big night out, the reps tucked into a large box of McDonalds, with each item assigned to the person who had ordered said fries, burger or milkshake.

You know how the drill works. However, as we all know, something always manages to go missing.

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Marlie inquired into the whereabouts of her cheeseburger, and despite guest Georgia clearly at the midway point of demolishing a chesseburger, there was a deafly silence and no answer to where poor Marlie’s food was.

Err, is that my cheeseburger?

“I was like, ah right my cheeseburger must be there, has anyone got my cheeseburger?”

Marlie confronted the guest who said she had in fact ordered a chicken burger, but tucked into the cheeseburger as a replacement.

But it was guest Georgia’s response that really added fuel to the fire.

Holding out a half-eaten cheeseburger she said: “Do you want this? I don’t even like cow”

Marlie stormed off to bed, cursing out loud in the bedroom.

The drama left Twitter fans in stitches, with all of us relating to Marlie’s struggle when it comes to not getting the right order of maccas at the end of a night.




The morning after the event and Marlie was involved in a hilarious piece to camera when explaining the trauma of burger-gate. She said:

“It could have been Beyonce that took my burger and I’d still be fuming.”

Marlie has remained hilariously active on Twitter since the big burger issue, posting a series of Tweets about the incident.



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