It was the holiday romance that stole the show in series four of Ibiza Weekender.

Love Island’s Chyna Ellis and regular Ibiza rep Jordan Davies fell head over heels for one other in a modern holiday love story.

You know, the type that features constant arguments and unscheduled appearances from exes.

Despite this, the series ended with the pair holding hands and walking into the sunset, where Chyna even quipped that “love conquers all” – see, who said that romance was dead.

Now, the question on everyone’s lips is whether the loved-up ITV2 duo are still together.

No Sun, No Fun

Following their Ibiza romance, Chyna and Jordan’s relationship couldn’t cope in the real world.

The blonde-haired beauty admitted that the passion in their relationship, which saw them spark up some under-cover romance on the show, had fizzled out due to long distance.

Screen Shot: Ibiza Weekender, ITV2

Screen Shot: Ibiza Weekender, ITV2

Chyna told OK magazine in February: “It was really nice but it didn’t work. When we came out it didn’t work, I did everything, but he wanted a lot more out of me.”

Chyna explained the difficulty of going from a shared room in Ibiza to living in different cities, with Jordan hailing from Wales and Chyn-Chyn based in Essex.

To be fair to her, there’s very little in common between Wales and Ibiza.

Who Ditched Who?

According to Chyna, it was her who ended the relationship, explaining that she “did have to break things off” and that Jordan was “a little bit upset about the situation.”

Screen Shot: Chyna shuts down Jordan

Screen Shot: Chyna shuts down Jordan

We’re sure he was.

But, if there is one thing Jordan Davies is renown for, it’s moving on quickly…


Although Chyna’s comments make the break-up sound rather civilised, social media paints a very different picture.

Chyna and Jordan got into an Instagram row after Jord had posted a picture of him hooking up with a mystery brunette for a cosy drink, around the time the Ibiza Weekender couple had split up.

Chyna jumped straight on the picture, commenting with “OMG” and a hefty amount of laughing faces. Like, at least eight, just to make sure everyone knew she was being super-sarcastic.

The social media argument continued with Jordan replying:

”What’s your problem? I can go for drinks with friends … bye Felecia.” He continued: “Your comment was childish …end of the day you don’t know this girl and I can go for drinks with her. So don’t be putting bare laughing faces …but it was a wonderful evening if ya must know … you could both learn a lot from her the way your going on.”

The picture has since been deleted although Chyna responded during that heart-breaking week with some emotional tweets and a new rebound display picture.

Lock and load.

Due to the nature of Ibiza Weekender filming, series five finished in Summer 2017, meaning the couple have been split up for over three months.