Ibiza Weekender: Everything you need to know about the holiday reps of season 10

Ibiza Weekender is back on our TV screens with a bang, returning to ITV2 for its 4th Ibiza season earlier this month having previously been called The Magaluf Weekender.

The new-look format features an extended 10 episodes as the reality TV show follows the flirtatious adventures of Ibiza holiday reps and the partygoers who visit the sunny White Isle.

Featuring head Rep David (El Jefe, “the boss” in Spanish), veterans Jordan Davies and Deano Baily and a host of newbies – let’s get the gossip on our favourite party starters.

Jordan Davies

Jordan is the veteran of the gang having kept his place from previous seasons and he’s probably one of the reasons that ratings stay high.

Laddish, kind of suave but extremely slimy. People tune in to watch Jordan charming female guests as they flash through the Ibiza Weekender Hotel in an instance. Juggle that with his romantic relationships with other reps and it’s a cocktail of modern dating madness.

As Jordan says:

“I am weekender! It wouldn’t be Ibiza Weekender without Jordan! I’m the biggest party boy, I’ve got the best chat up lines, I’m the best when it comes with getting with girls.”

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El Jefe

David (AKA El Jefe) is the boss and there’s no better way to describe him. Richly entertaining, hilariously sassy and always snapping his fingers on point, David brings the show to life.

Tasked with managing his army of untrained hotel staff – one of them had never opened a bottle of wine before – David is the most essential cog in the team and the crew would fall to pieces without him.

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Chyna Ellis

A reality celeb wannabe you’ll recognise Chyna from her brief appearance on Love Island. Now, on Ibiza Weekender, she’s gone from lounging around in the sun to sitting around in the sun.

The worst rep of them all having received a minus score in episode one, watching Chyna in action is enough to make you feel like the hardest working human on the planet.

Yet to crack a joke or even smile Chyna is hilarious to watch for all the wrong reasons.

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From Twofour Production: Ibiza Rep Deano

Deano Baily 

The general public love Deano and he truly is an absolute sweetheart. Few reality TV stars have a heart of gold but Deano’s views on finding love will melt your soul. Well, in the context of a weekend away in Ibiza that is.

He left the series on episode two however, so . . .


A bricklayer from Bradford there’s plenty to love about Ibiza Weekender’s newest member.

‘Geezer girl’ was the nickname swiftly applied to Molly when she started to burp on camera and we admire her confidence to be nothing but herself.

Loud, energetic and full of banter think of Molly as the anti-Chyna.

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Marlie and Callum

Two of the new kids on the block Marlie and Callum bring plenty to the beer pong table.

Musical theatre student Marlie loves to get dressed up in some of the best clobber you’ll see on TV while hunky Callum was brought in to disrupt Jordan’s flow with the ladies. Trust us, it’s an interesting battle.

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