Ibiza Weekender: When is the next episode on TV? Can I be a rep?
Ibiza Weekender: (l-r) Boy guests Rob and Devante

Ibiza Weekender: When is the next episode on TV? Can I be a rep?

Ibiza Weekender returned to ITV2 for its fourth season on the famous White Isle earlier this month.

The reality TV show follows the outrageous adventures of Ibiza holiday reps and the partygoers who visit Ibiza looking for fun, sun and endless amounts of alcohol.

Head Rep David (El Jefe, ‘ the boss’ in Spanish) and veteran Jordan Davies host endless amounts of screaming singletons in a new-look 10 episode format.

Let’s find out how you can jump in on the action.

Ibiza Weekender – Deano

When is Ibiza Weekender on and on what channel?

The next episode of Ibiza Weekender is on tonight (Sunday, February 25, 2018) on ITV2 at 9pm.

What happens on Ibiza Weekender?

The show is set at Ibiza Weekender Hotel, where six holiday reps spend their summer.

Sit back and watch events unfold as new groups of young party lovers crash into the hotel every week.

Can the staff keep up with Ibiza’s wild side? Will they be tempted into holiday romances? And could the balance between work and pleasure prove too much?

We think you know the answers.

Where is the show set?

Erm, in Ibiza of course.

The hotel, where most of the show is filmed, is called Ryan’s Ibiza Apartments in Playa d’en Bossa.

A series of fixed rig cameras are used capture all the activity inside the hotel from swimming pool to bedroom.

Can I be an Ibiza Weekender rep?

Applications for Ibiza Weekender 2018 are now closed.

Unfortunately, the show concluded its filming a long time ago.With our help however, you can stay one step ahead when it comes to applying for season five of show.

Sign up to starnow.co.uk and keep an eye on the Reality TV jobs section.

Rules state you must be between 18-23 years old and ‘have the confidence to get the party started ON and OFF camera’. Expenses are all paid, so we might even apply.

To find more about Ibiza Weekender and the current holiday reps click here.

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