Ibiza Weekender rep Hayley returns - Gets with THREE people in one night

Former Ibiza Weekender holiday rep Hayley made an immediate impact after returning to the show on episode eight, getting with two guests in one night.

Oh, and she also got with rep Callum.

Talk about an eventful night on the town!

The tall Brunette surprised her fellow Ibiza Weekender crew, jumping on their beds and generally proving a high-energy nuisance.

Even the guests didn’t take an immediate liking of Hayley, with her acapella rap about newcomers Scott and Will bringing a serious look of disapproval from the latter.

Screen Shot: Awkward Hayley rep

Screen Shot: A look of horror – ITV2, Ibiza Weekender

However, fast forward 12 hours and Hayley had her tongue rammed down guest Will’s throat (above), before snogging the faces off two others on an eventful night out.

Hayley started by dotting her dosages of lip and tongue to female guest Georgia, who had explained that she had been dating females for the past 12 months.

Screen Shot: Georgia and Hayley kiss – Ibiza Weekender, ITV2

But, Hayley didn’t stop there and moved onto male guest Will, who had been following her around with puppy dog eyes all night.

Screen Shot: Ibiza Weekender, ITV2

And, just when you thought her jaw may be beginning to ache from all the heavy petting, Hayley latched onto fellow rep Callum for a cheeky bit of action.

Screen Shot: Ibiza Weekender, ITV2

Out of the three potential suitors and Hayley ended up staying in Callum’s bed, although they both maintained that nothing happened under the sheets.

Hayley is a familiar face for Ibiza Weekender fans and is known for her fierce dislike of Jordan Davies.

It didn’t take the newbie long to spark that rivalry into life, bad-mouthing Jord to head rep David by saying he was overly drunk on a night out.

Jordan said: “Me and Hayley do not get along. Knowing that she is back in here is really annoying.”

In Hayley’s defence, Jordan was pretty pissed.

The Ibiza Weekender icon was pied twice in his drunken attempts to woo back Chyna Ellis, although at the third crack of the whip he did prove successful.


Screen Shot: Ibiza Weekender, ITV2

Jordan made yet another huge ‘romantic’ gesture by putting hand-made posters on his ex-girlfriends wall, congratulating her for leading the team on a night out.

The couple shared a bed and it looks like their relationship could be back on track . . . although in a preview for next week’s episode, one of Jordan’s ex-girlfriends makes an appearance.

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