The moment Jordan's ‘second girlfriend’ turned up on Ibiza Weekender - Sorry Chyna

Half way through the new series of ITV2 hit Ibiza Weekender and the relationship between Jordan Davies and Love Island 2017 contestant Chyna Ellis was brutally blown to pieces.

We have watched a surprising coming of age when it comes to regular Ibiza rep Jordan, following his new-found ability to date just one girl at a time. Or, so we thought.

Jord, the self-confessed “player” who had previously admitted to sleeping with 750 girls in an 18-month period, had seemingly simmered down his laddish antics by throwing himself at fellow rep Chyna to become a “one woman man”.

Screen Shot: ITV2: Ibiza Weekender – Chyna

In episode six however and the shock of the season unraveled.

Chyna was hit with a moment of unforgiving reality TV truth when another female rocked up to the Ibiza Weekender, stating that she was dating Jordan.

Err, hold the front door, I thought Chyna and Jordan were dating !?!

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In the build up to the big showdown and El Jefe had set up a mock relationship therapy class for Chyna and Jordan.

Chyna admitted she was worried about “Jordan’s history” and “all the girls he had slept with”.

But, Jordan’s stuttering response was impeccably convincing, as he opened up about his true feelings, even accidentally dropping the L-bomb of “love”.

“You’ve tamed me, and that takes a lot” – said Jordan, as the pair kissed.

El Jeje branded them a celebrity couple in ‘Jyna’ as the episode jerked forward in serious sick in the mouth style.

If only there was a huge twist in the plot that could completely unsettle things. Hmm . . . like a brown haired beauty rocking up to reception and requesting to see Jordan.

Chyna manned the front desk, attending to every need of the new arrival and even adding “oh I love your dress”.

It was an excruciatingly awkward encounter. That’s Jordan’s GF you’re complimenting!

Screen Shot: Amber from Ibiza Weekender

The news spread back to Jordan who squirmed in uncomfortable fashion, hiding behind his t-shirt as the realisation of who this girl dawned upon him.

Back at reception and Chyna asked:

“So how do you know Jordan?’”

To which the new girl replied “we’ve been dating each other for a while” adding “I’m dating him now”.

Screen Shot: Chyna and Amber fro Ibiza Weekender

Jordan admitted that he was “getting with a girl” before he started the new season of Ibiza Weekender, and that he never probably called the relationship off.

We soon learned the new girl was called Amber and that she had ventured to the sunny shores of Ibiza to surprise bae Jordan, thinking that he would love it.

Jordan was not loving it. The pair sat down to chat and Amber probed:

“Why did you text me two days ago, saying that you missed me?”

Jordan went on to explain his dating situation with Chyna, as Amber burst into tears. She eventually stormed off from the hotel and said she never wanted to see poor J-man again.

Onto the next bird then, J.

During one-on-one with mistress number two and Chyna told Jordan that the revelations meant the end of their relationship. But J-man mustered the audacity to respond:


Adding: “Why has this got to happen to me!”

Chyna and Amber enjoyed some alone time away from their former king, high-fiving and coming to the conclusion that neither of them ever wanted to see Jordan again.

Fine for Amber, but Chyna has to endure five more episodes! Oh dear! What the hell is going to happen next week!


At the end of the episode and head rep El Heje was forced into making some big changes, asking everyone to vote for a rep to leave. Molly received the most votes and will be replaced by new rep Austin next week.

Catch Ibiza Weekender on ITV2 at 9pm every Sunday.

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