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Ibiza Weekender

Viewers in SHOCK as Ibiza Weekender star bares all coming out of the shower

Exactly 28 minutes and 57 seconds into episode four of Ibiza Weekender and viewers were hit with a sudden and almost x-rated shock.

Following an advert break and a brief scene with holiday rep Jordan Davies rolling up his short-shorts, the ITV2 reality TV series suddenly became grossly revealing.

The series is considered pretty PG with its filming of partygoers and reps enjoying life in Ibiza. Scenes of couples making out and twerking on the dance-floor is usually as raunchy as it gets, although there is the occasional duvet hidden sex scene.

However, what happened next on Ibiza Weekender sparked outrage on social media.

Newbie Devante, who had arrived at the Ibiza Weekender hotel all but a day before, was filmed coming out of the bathroom having finished his shower.

Without baring a towel to cover his male parts, or any other region in that fact, Devante strutted towards the female partygoers to give them a glimpse of his junk.

The audience however, well they got more than a glimpse.

Without blurring Devante’s, umm,  bits, the following 10 seconds have probably become the most talked about moment from the current Ibiza Weekender Series Four.

The overlay comically quipped “Ooh, you’d struggle to get that thing in a pair of shorts” while the onlooking Sofia and Chloe simply shrieked.

Sofia said: “That is absolutely massive”

“I’m not going to lie, that is a schlong and a half.”

While Georgia went on to admit that she was ‘scarred for life’ at the ‘elephant trunk’ she had just laid eyes on.

Needles to say, the world of Twitter were equally shocked at the show’s uncharacteristic reveal.

When is Ibiza Weekender on and on what channel?

The next episode of Ibiza Weekender is on Sunday, January 4, 2018, on ITV2 at 9pm.

Can I be an Ibiza Weekender rep?

Applications for Ibiza Weekender 2018 are now closed.

Unfortunately, the show concluded its filming a long time ago.With our help however, you can stay one step ahead when it comes to applying for season five of show.

Sign up to and keep an eye on the Reality TV jobs section.

Rules state you must be between 18-23 years old and ‘have the confidence to get the party started ON and OFF camera’. Expenses are all paid, so we might even apply.

To find more about Ibiza Weekender and the current holiday reps click here.

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