We have a new member in town! After weeks of speculation, Junaid Ahmed has confirmed that he would be joining TOWIE. The reality star has previously made an appearance in Lovestruck High.

Junaid managed to leave a mark on all the reality show fans when he first made his appearance on Lovestruck High. Now, he is all set to bring more drama and entertainment as he is officially set to join the cast of TOWIE.

The news about him joining comes a day after it was revealed that Jordan Brook will be the other contestant who will be joining the cast of TOWIE.

Junaid’s Instagram announcement revealed

On June 6, Junaid took to his Instagram to confirm the speculation that had been going on for a while now. In his true fashion, he posted an eye-catching photo with a caption that read: “Here’s another little secret I’ve kept from you all officially joined the cast of @towie.”

Calling himself “b***ch with a heart of gold,” Junaid promised the world that he is all set to bring some energy into the show, and not to forget, some drama and mayhem.

Looking at all the comment sections, it is clear that fans are also excited to see him.

What we can expect from the show

To begin with, we can say that you can expect a lot of drama on the show. In fact, the showrunners knew exactly what they would be bringing to the show when they first thought about having Junaid with the rest of the cast members.

Speaking to The Sun, a source who is working closely with the show confirmed that Junaid was one of the first picks for the show because of his friendship with other cast members such as Dani, Yaz, and Ella. At the same time, the source stated that Junaid has “main character vibes” that make him a perfect fit.

For those who have seen Junaid on Lovestruck High, you would be aware that the reality star is unapologetically himself. With that in mind, we expect him to be no different on this show.

Who else will be on the show?

The outlet further confirmed that Courtney Green and Chloe Meadows will be on the show. As of now, the exact location for the series is unknown but TOWIE producers have been planning on making the show the biggest open people have seen so far.

Given that the cast already has a group of people who scream entertainment and fun, we won’t be surprised if the upcoming season becomes the best one so far.

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